You Know You're a Millennial in the Workplace When....

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Millennials, as people born between 1980 and 2000 are often referred to, have received a lot of press of late. Some articles praise the group for their tech skills and ambition, others attack their selfish and entitled nature, and some detail what it takes to keep millennials motivated in the workplace. Whichever camp you fall under in regards to Millennials, we think you'll enjoy this article. This is the third post in a series, (check out the second one here). Stay tuned for our next list-style post, "You Know you're in Marketing When..."


1. You consider quitting your job and traveling the world at least once a month...and then you remember you have no money.


2. This is how you feel about someone referring to you as part of the “trophy generation.” You remember getting gold stars, not trophies.

3. You love a good #selfie as much as the next person, but you try to be very sneaky if you take one at work.

4. You have a love-hate relationship with your dependence on your iphone- wait is that every generation?

5. When you receive judgment from Gen X for instagraming your “bomb” lunch:

6. This is the feeling you get when you bond with other Gen Y co-workers over Lisa Frank, jellyroll pens, TGIF, Nickelodeon, and other 90’s relics that, as children of the magical decade, we all naturally love.

7. You’re excited about Summer interns joining the team because it means you’re no longer the youngest person in the office.

8. You get caught taking a snap chat of a ridiculous facial expression a little more often than your comfortable with.

9. Even though you pay your own rent, taxes, and bills you’re pretty sure this is still what your colleagues see when they look at you:

10. You don’t know how to respond when you hear “I’m old enough to be your dad.”

11. When people assume you’re part of IT just because you’re part of gen Y:

12. The rude awakening you get when you find out your salary will not double after six months at your company:

13. How you feel when you slowly start to see that your first job might not be your dream job. We can’t all be on the path to saving the world.

14. When you’ve just quit your fourth job in two years:

15. You break your gluten free, sugar free, dairy free diet after a week to binge on in-N-out.

16. Your face when your co-workers talk about ancient history, like 80’s music:

17. You want it all, you want it now, and you want to leave at 4.

18. You don't understand why you can’t take a beach day on a random Wednesday.

19. This is your boss’s reaction when you try to explain why you deserve a raise after a month at your new job:

20. When the thing you’re most looking forward to about work is re-hashing Game of Thrones:

21. Business casual gets confusing.

22. Your expectations about what office life will be like are slightly skewed:

23. The first weekend after you get paid should be called 'sushi and open tab weekend', and every weekend until your next paycheck should be called 'cup-noodle and stay in watching Netflix weekend'.

24. You bitterly resent Lena Dunham, Mark Zuckerbeg, Evan Spiegel, and anyone else who has more money and success than they know what to do with before their 24th birthday.

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