You Know You're a Social Media Manager When...

Your social media manager is a critical role in the organization. They move as quickly as social media itself, and are always in the know about what's hot. See how many items on the list you relate to.

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Your company's social media manager plays a critical role in your organization. They move as quickly as social media itself, and are always in the know about what's trending. They also know how to laugh at themselves, and poke fun at both the positive and...less positive aspects of the position. Check out the list below and see how many items  you relate to. If we forgot anything be sure to let us know, and if you haven't seen a post about your department or job role, tweet @xactly and let us know you want to see it! Don't forget to check out our previous article "You Know You're in Sales When..." if you missed it.

1.You're getting a bit tired of hearing, "so you get to hangout on Facebook all day, right ?"

2. #You #get #frustrated #when #people don't #understand how #to use #hashtags:

3. These are your expectations for running a contest:

4. This is the reality of running a social media contest:

5. When you post a hilarious tweet and you're retweeted 20 times:

6. When you hear breaking news and the first place you check to find out more is Twitter:

7. You'd be retiring in Tahiti if you got a dollar every time you heard, "let’s make this go viral."

8. "I have a great idea for social," said everyone ever.

9. When you have really good customer engagement on Twitter:

10. You check google analytics like normal people check the time:

11. When people send you vague, mildly confusing tweets and you try to respond:

12. When Feedly gets hacked:

13. When Tesla picks up your blog post:

14. This is your face when people retweet without reading or sharing the link:


15. You reminisce about the fail whale and live for creative 404 error pages.

16. When you realize you posted something three hours ago with a grammar error:

17. You dream of having an instagram page like Intel’s:

18. When you start to feel like everything is urgent:

19. You never make it into any of the company photos because you’re always the impromptu photographer:

20. This is how your fingers and feet feel after three days of Dreamforce:

21. This is you when you're trying to explain the ROI of social media to someone who doesn’t understand:

22. Trying to explain your job to friends and relatives and watching their facial expressions change to this:

23. When you have to decide which grammar atrocity to commit, then send a few characters as tributes so your tweet will post:

24. This is you when your phone or laptop battery is low:

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