How to Effectively Lead an Awesome Work Team Meeting

4 min read

If you’re anything like me, your work calendar is listed right after coffee as your favorite productivity tool. Your calendar lets you know where you need to be and at what times so that you won’t miss any important calls or meetings. Since meetings are inevitable in an office it’s critical you make these times as productive and collaborative as possible so that you can reach your desired result.

But what makes a meeting good? (Hint a calendar invite is a good place to start) In today’s blog post we’ll give you some ideas on how to lead your most successful meeting yet and make it enjoyable for all in attendance.

Schedule in Advance With a Calendar Invite

As I mentioned earlier, many people depend on their work calendar to map out their day. If you are planning for a future meeting send a quick invite to the attendees at the very least letting them know the topic of the meeting, where the meeting will be held, and who else will be in attendance.

You can also use this time to give your attendees some background on the meeting. Is this a check-in for a current project your team is working on? Is this a new project to discuss? Any details you have that could help people prepare for the meeting would be good to share at this time.

Send an Agenda

Depending on a number of factors you might consider sending out an agenda before your meeting starts. An agenda can help you stay on task by having all the components of the meeting mapped out ahead of time. An agenda can also give attendees an idea of how much of the meeting impacts them and whether or not they should be prepared to speak on certain topics.

Explain Your Reasoning for the Meeting

Before your meeting gets going, take a minute to explain any background that could help set that stage for the meeting. Make sure you let everyone know why they are there and what the expectations for the outcome of the meeting are. Giving people an idea of what you’re looking to accomplish will get everyone on the same page and thinking about the desired result.

Bring Food or Coffee

If schedules are tight and your only option is an early morning meeting or something at lunch time, consider bringing in coffee or snacks to munch on while you get to work. More than anything it’s the thought that counts and those in attendance certainly won’t complain!

End on Time

One of the biggest complaints about meetings is how they always seem to run over. Even if the desired outcome has not yet been met consider ending the meeting and setting up a second one to finish the discussion. Giving people a break in the meeting allows them to check emails, run to the restroom, grab a water, or take a quick walk to reenergize.