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Nov 06, 2019
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Xactly is disrupting the SPM space with its data-driven platform. Learn how CEO Chris Cabrera’s innovation was recognized with his latest award win.

I couldn’t be more delighted to share all the great things that are happening at Xactly right now. It’s great when things come together and years of hard work pay off. Today, our founder and CEO, Chris Cabrera was named an Enterprise Tech Executive of the Year by the 2019 BIG Awards. This award honors leaders whose “skills or management style have led to the delivery of innovative solutions for a given community.”

Why does this matter, and why are we so excited about this news?

Since founding Xactly, Chris Cabrera has been at the forefront of industry-changing technology and expressed his belief in the need for businesses to transform—which he shared in the preview for his upcoming book. Cabrera built Xactly from the ground up nearly 15 years ago, zeroing in on the importance of developing in the cloud when other organizations couldn’t fathom moving beyond on-premise. He was passionate about how incentives could drive behavior and wanted to improve the ICM process for customers. And while he knew that innovative thinking and leading-edge products are always key for success, Cabrera also sought from the inception of his vision to create a vibrant culture.

For the last decade and a half, Chris has driven success at Xactly with a key focus on philanthropic ventures and C.A.R.E- (Customer Focus, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence) based management style. From the earliest days at Xactly, customers have been at the forefront of everything we endeavor to do. Every employee in the company is committed to improving customer engagement and increasing their happiness. And we are proud of that.

The Growing Excitement Around SPM

The exciting news of Chris’ award comes hot off the heels of the most successful UK user event in our history—Xactly Unleashed Europe. More than 180 international sales, finance, operations, and compensation leaders gathered together and you could literally feel the excitement around the evolution of Sales Performance Management—Chris met with global brands to discuss the future of Sales Performance Management (SPM), including Global, leading luxury brands like Gucci, and big global brands like Schneider Electric.

Our customers shared how SPM is helping them transform their sales teams. Hugh Murray of Global shared, “We are actually transforming our business by creating plans that drive the right behaviors, to hit our targets, retain our top performers and attract ‘A’ players. What we didn’t realize was that by using data effectively and leveraging a sales performance management platform that we were actually changing the game for our industry by setting higher standards for performance.”

And back in the US, our customers are achieving high honors as they work to reinvent and unleash the potential of their organizations. Cox Automotive Vice President of Sales Ops & Strategy, Justin Ritchie, was selected as a  SuperNova Award Finalist in Digital Marketing & Sales Effectiveness. According to Ritchie, “Using Xactly, we were able to free up more than 170 hours of administrative time per pay period, resulting in $2.1 million in total savings.”

And things keep getting better!

As the business landscape becomes more competitive, we are continuing to powerfully lead  the SPM space and provide companies with the data and solutions to help them unleash their organization’s potential across the globe. Xactly’s international footprint is quickly expanding, and we recently shared the news that we have accelerated growth in Europe more than 100 percent year-over-year and have established markets in France and Germany—but we’re not stopping there.

2020 and beyond will be an exciting time, and we are thrilled to celebrate with our CEO as he uses his voice to help businesses around the world.

Learn more about Xactly and how Sales Performance Management can improve your sales planning and performance in our recent blog.

MJ Rose
Mary Jo Rose
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