Learn from the Best in Compensation & Sales Performance: CompCloud 2017 Sessions

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Xactly's CompCloud is now Xactly Unleashed. Learn about the new and improved sales performance management (SPM) event and register today!

We don’t need to tell you that the compensation and commissions world is ever-evolving. For the last eight years, CompCloud offers training opportunities and visionary keynotes from leaders in the compensation industry to help professionals like you keep up with these advances. And for CompCloud 2017, we’re hosting our best sessions ever. Check out the high-level session description below to see why you won’t want to miss this event.

Learn Sales Comp 101, Compensation Best Practices, Smarter Plan Design and More

With over 100 session topics to choose from, CompCloud is guaranteed to have something for everyone. From compensation 101 classes to plan design and automation, our expert-led training and discussions provide insights to comp pros at all levels of knowledge. Make sure to bring your laptop! Our compensation professionals will be providing real-time insights, and Xactly product walkthroughs to all CompCloud attendees. Here are just some of the sessions to get excited about:

  • Prepare to Succeed: Everything you need to know before you start designing your compensation plan.
  • Assessing Plan Effectiveness: Warning Signs and Actionable Solutions: Learn how to translate sales performance data into actionable and impactful results – this is one that you can easily take back to the office with you.
  • Sales Compensation Plan Designs for Today’s Sales Role Specialization: Review best practices in compensation design specific to crucial sales positions.
  • Territory Design and Quota Setting: Methodologies and Best Practices: An interactive workshop discussing territory design, quota setting procedures, how and when to automate your quota setting process, plus how to solve common quota-setting challenges.
  • Best Practices for Managing Changes in the Sales Team: Are you a people manager of sales representatives? Hope to be one soon? Learn how to manage onboarding, transfers, and promotions.
  • Compensation Strategy: The DNA of the World’s Best Compensation Organizations: Discover 24 best practices identified in the 1,000s of executives Xactly has worked with over the last 12 years.
  • Build a Strong Sales Compensation Foundation: Pay Levels, Mix and Leverage: Learn how to set market pricing, career mapping, and determine the right balance of fixed versus variable pay, and more.
  • Focus Sales On the Right Results - Measures, Weights and Plan Mechanics: President and CEO at Sales Resource Group shows attendees how to select and develop the proper components for a highly successful sales compensation plan.
  • Getting the Results You Paid For: Discover the steps needed for a good communication process, as well as how to reinforce the plan throughout the year to gain maximum benefits.
  • Sales Comp for Millennials: Premier sponsor ZS Associates talk about hiring for the future. They’ll share research to show what incentives motivate millennial performance.

Receive Expert Compensation Advice

As the biggest compensation event of the year, it’s no surprise that CompCloud is attended and hosted by leading experts from top sales organizations. Attendees will learn directly from thought leaders like Elay Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder of SalesHood, Michael Lock, CEO of Aviso, and Steve Marley, Principal at ZS Associates — this is only naming a few! Don’t miss your chance to ask these experts anything! Whether you’re curious how to boost sales productivity, design smarter compensation plans, or even what incentives drive performance for millennials – CompCloud is a conference venue designed to interact, inform and inspire. To personalize your agenda and secure your seat (there are capacity limits!!) at sessions, download the CompCloud mobile app.