Live from CompCloud'14: Power to the People - Giving MBO's Back to Their Rightful Owners

4 min read

Rally the Troops!

People of the workplace, employees all – the time has come! No longer will MBO’s be relegated to the shackles of single ownership, because today we are giving them back to the people!

The Revolution Begins

So, here’s the deal – implementing and adopting a successful performance management program has for many years presented a big challenge for sales and sales support professionals. While your MBO plan should, by definition, be owned by the sales team, this is rarely the case. But today, at CompCloud'14, attendees were given the means to take back their MBO plans, by transferring ownership to the people. The biggest surprise? They were actually able to increase their performance at the same time!

An Objective Approach

When MBO programs and objectives are designed by your admin team and handed down to your managers and employees, they are not effective at creating change; not because they are not well designed on their own, but because they are not connected to the individual. Managers and their reps need to work together to craft pointed and relevant objectives, so that they are focused on the specific desires each team has for their success and performance. When you give your reps a seat at the table, they feel connected to their own goals, and when managers are tasked with establishing this communication in their team, they have more control over tying objectives to their desired team goals. You also gain incredible visibility within your team when trying to shape behavior.

Changing the Game

So, what behaviors do you want to promote in your organization? Do you want managers to complete their comp plans on time? Tie it to an objective. Need to bring in a wealth of new employees in a particular department? Create an objective and a bonus for bringing them in. How about encouraging your organization to promote a new product? There’s an objective for that. Whatever your team needs to do, or your organization wants to accomplish, if you put the power of the MBO in the hands of your managers and employees, you allow them to rise to the occasion and drive desired behaviors. Your team will know the goals it wants to achieve, understand how they need to get there, and be driven to accomplish their objectives. Give the power of the MBO back to the people, and watch your organization achieve more.

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