Lights, Camera, Incentives!

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This blog post was co-written by our resident work-study intern from Cristo Rey High School, Leo Nunez, and Jordan Scott.  Good news for all of you film buffs out there- Michigan is subsidizing the creation of three independent movies that will all be filmed in The Great Lake State, and we have incentives to thank for this! The three films, “The Dunes,” “Elder Island” and “The Lake” were awarded $203,426 from the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office Production. They are expected to bring in $605,027 in spending to the state and employ 82 residents and 31 extras. Michigan is incentivizing  film makers to bring more money to the state through job creation on set, the price of hosting people in the city, and post-production tourism by visitors that are encouraged to check out the locations where their favorite movies were filmed. This equates to many more  full-time jobs, and a myriad of part-time positions according to the film office. According to The Detroit News, “Michigan provides a range of locations, and these films demonstrate the diverse and compelling sites throughout the state,” Jenell Leonard, commissioner of the film office, said in a statement. “There are many reasons to make films in Michigan, including the natural scenery, a talented workforce, and communities that open their arms to these projects.” Once again, incentives are working to change behavior and attain desired outcomes. Filming has begun, and while it's too soon to know the exact quantitative results for Michigan, it's safe to say that film production has, and will continue to, bring a significant amount of business and activity to the local economy. Many other states are welcoming film producers and incentivizing them to film in their backyards as well. Currently, Michigan is leading the pack in incentive use for movie production and is even being called "the next Hollywood." We look forward to the many other states that are soon to catch on to this silver screen trend. Sources: