Your Marketing Team Is Ready for Dreamforce. But Is Your Sales Team?

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Your organization signs a hefty check to attend and promote at Dreamforce. That's not including the significant amount of time, effort, and resources needed to make sure your brand makes a statement. However, most organizations forget the most important element to an event like Dreamforce: their people.  No matter how flashy your booth or party is, if your organization does not prepare your people to have meaningful discussions, you can just put that money in a cannon and shoot it into the clouds. At Xactly, we want to make sure we are maximizing every interaction we have at our events.  For example, at Dreamforce, we are preparing our salespeople to have authentic conversations with our prospects and customers. Using our Xactly Inspire platform, we are certifying our team on their Dreamforce pitch, customer success stories, and our latest products. Let’s dig deeper into what each of these mean for a sales team.

Event Pitches

An event pitch is similar to an elevator pitch, but with more purpose behind it. An elevator pitch, in my mind, is used to explain to your parents what you actually do for work. Which, in some cases, still doesn’t help. An event pitch is still a high-level pitch but with context. The majority of the people at Dreamforce understand and appreciate the value of SaaS software. Why waste valuable face-to-face time trying to explain it? Instead, get to the point with your pitch and have a call to action that can be leveraged right on the spot. The action item can be a short demo, a badge scan for more information, an invitation to an exclusive event (you should reach out to us to learn about our EPIC Xactly Kickback at Dreamforce), or a chance to meet with a particular person within your organization.   Why is this important? Consistency is clutch here. You want the message coming from your salespeople matching the literature and marketing material you are sharing. Salespeople can’t fall back on their standard messaging as it’s critical to make sure that your overall Dreamforce message sticks with the intended audience. How do you do it? Within Xactly Inspire, you can provide a best practice event pitch for each person to review. Afterwards, your team can upload the event pitch role-play they practiced with a peer on a mobile phone or any other recording device. Your team can score their peers’ pitch using a simple scorecard while providing feedback with at mentions and comments. Imagine the creativity you can unleash ahead of the event creating their recordings.  In addition, your team has practiced the pitch, ensuring they are comfortable with it before they even set foot on the event floor.

Customer Success Stories

What happens when your salesperson moves past the initial pitch? Typically word vomit. They want to tell the prospect everything and anything about your product. You can see this happening all over the exhibit hall. Most of the attendees are just waiting for the salesperson to stop talking so they can get the SWAG to take home to their friends and family. Instead, why not have concrete stories to share about how your organization has made an impact for other companies? Why Is This important? People remember stories. Stories are also easy to transfer to others back at their organization. Most importantly, stories can clearly communicate metrics that make a case for how your product will eliminate pain points or drive revenue. Customer Success Stories ties all of your messaging into a beautiful present with PROOF. Having your team practice customer stories ensures that every salesperson always has at least one or two stories to use in any situation at the event. If a prospect is truly interested, you want to arm them with a way to internally sell when they return home. How Do You Do It? Planning ahead with a strong collaboration between Marketing and Sales Enablement is a major piece of the puzzle. Working together, Marketing selects the customer stories they want to highlight at Dreamforce. Sales Enablement will then work with the salesperson that actually sold the deal to complete a recording explaining the success the organization has achieved since implementing your product or service.  Using our certification functionality with Xactly Inspire, salespeople watch the story directly from the person who lived in the trenches of the deal. After learning the story, they record themselves using the Inspire Mobile App, retelling the story while receiving feedback from their manager, peers, and Marketing.

New Products

If your organization is showcasing a new product at the event, you want to make sure your salespeople are confident speaking to it. Otherwise, no matter how awesome the new product is, it is going to be hard to get prospects excited about it.   Why Is This Important? Your salespeople will only speak to things they feel comfortable having in-depth discussions about. Therefore, it should be a priority to make sure your team is comfortable with the new product. Literature is not going to be enough to drive the pipeline you need from the event. How Do You Do It? Leveraging Xactly Inspire, organizations can deliver SCORM based learning that used to be delivered only through an LMS (learning management system). This learning can introduce salespeople to products, personas, common objections, competition, and a demo of the product. Afterwards, depending on the role, you can have your team upload a product demo recording, take a quiz, respond to an objection, or practice a pitch for the product. In summary, your organization should invest in the people staffing the event as much as they are preparing for the event itself. To maximize the return from the event, your staff must be fully integrated into its happenings. Xactly Inspire provides you the flexibility to prepare your team in ways that are best for the knowledge and skills you wish for your sales team to master.  When you’re at Dreamforce, come by our booth or Xactly Kickback to see the application in action.