Your MBO Program as a Cheeseburger

Jordan Scott
Jordan Scott
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Jordan Scott is the Content Marketing Manager at Xactly. She attended The University of California at Santa Cruz, and received degrees in Literature and Education.

With Objectives, Xactly’s automated performance management  solution, teams will discover a new found alignment that seamlessly maps with corporate goals. Managers can  see how teams are performing so that they can coach employees who need improvement, and reward those who are excelling.

With this kind of visibility, managers can easily adjust MBOs to quickly meet changes in need and focus. Giving employees a simple way to see how their objectives are tied to their bonus numbers has a significant impact on performance and company culture. Since employees have such excellent visibility into what they need to achieve in order to receive their bonuses, they are inspired to do their best work and can help meet the larger goals of the company.

Let’s be honest, talking about software can get a little complicated (here are a few MBO examples that might help). Sometimes, it’s easier to understand things when you think of them in comparison to food, and who doesn’t like food? Without further ado, here’s your MBO program as a cheeseburger:



cheeseburgerManaging employee performance with Xactly Objectives can help you align your goals and empower your employees. Learn more today.


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Your MBO Program as a Cheeseburger