More Things We’ve Learned from Big Data Insights

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Greg Pisacane
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Gregory Pisacane is a Marketing Content Editor at Xactly Corporation. He attended the University of San Diego and received a Bachelor of Art degree in English.

Knowledge is Power.

Well, that’s what the old adage says at least. The more you know. Know the ropes. Knowing is half the battle. We have a longstanding respect for knowledge, and we’ve been refining our craft since day one of the species. We used to pass knowledge down haphazardly within a family, until we worked out how to collect that information on paper and remove the inaccuracy of the oral tradition. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good story, but I also love an accurate one. Tall tales are better for campfires than companies.

When it comes to knowledge, insights data is the pinnacle of our efforts to hone and refine the craft of learning. It is also one of the more difficult tasks of our generation. We naturally process tons of data on a daily basis, but we are better served for decision making, and with the amount of data produced every moment, it would be at best illogical for any one person to work with the raw, unorganized data. But it’s like mining for gold – we used to pan and sift by hand, looking for nuggets of value. Now we’ve created precise machines to perform the task of isolating the worthwhile elements of a slurry, while offloading all the extra content. To get real, actionable insights data out of a collection of information, you need some way to aggregate, anonymize, and access the dataset. You should be saving your efforts for analyzing the results of that data, the tactical and strategic implications of the empirical data gathered from your organization and your industry. Here are some of the thing’s we’ve learned from Insights Data:

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.45.44 AM

This is why isights data is so interesting – it allows you to reap the benefits of collected, empirical, cross-industry information, and leverage those insights to gain an accurate picture of the playing field. No more guessing when it will rain, no more putting butter on a burn, no more tall tales. Just information, vetted for accuracy, filtered for relevancy, and displayed for usability.

There is so much to know, and so little time to know it, so stop spinning your wheels on speculation. Knowledge is Power – what can you learn from Big Data?


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More Things We’ve Learned from Big Data Insights