News Flash: Xactly and Salesforce Powering Smarter Selling for SMBs

3 min read

Day two of Dreamforce has kicked off and the booth has been hopping. Already, we have welcomed hundreds of companies who are looking to digitally transform their sales programs, gain that competitive edge, and improve selling. One marked change this year, however, has been the influx of emerging businesses at the show. Big or small, companies are looking to find new efficiencies and better compete in the market by accelerating and optimizing sales. In which case, they have come to the right spot! Today, Xactly unveiled pre-built integration between Sales Cloud Lighting Essentials CRM—a new offering from Salesforce tailored specifically to the needs of small businesses—and SimplyComp, our incentive compensation offering for companies with less than 25 sales reps. Through the integration, customers gain single sign-on and automatic data integration between Salesforce and Xactly SimplyComp enabling them to easily view and manage their entire sales environment from initial customer contact through to paying their reps commission—all from their Salesforce dashboard. This powerful combination is a game changer for small businesses, giving them easy access to affordable and automated CRM and compensation solutions tailored specifically to their unique needs. As such, they will be empowered to find new prospects and close sales deals faster—all while delivering a great customer and sales rep experience. For example, using SimplyComp, users can easily choose from pre-built templates to build effective sales compensation plans and provide reps real-time visibility into their sales deals, quota attainment and commission payments, driving better satisfaction and engagement. And with data automatically flowing between Salesforce and Xactly, management always has a clear picture of their sales activities and results from one central dashboard. To learn how SimplyComp and Sales Cloud Lighting Essentials CRM can change your business, join the Get Started on the Salesforce Platform with Sales Cloud session tomorrow (11/8) from 3:45 – 4:05 p.m. at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, Golden Gate Sequoia Theater or visit here.