Office of Thrones: Managing Your Office Like Westeros

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It should be noted for the discerning reader who is also not current with Game of Thrones the show or the books that this post may contain spoilers – read on at your own peril. In honor of the season 4 finale and in anticipation of the season 5 premiere (seriously, don’t look up the air date, it is depressing) here are our tips for playing the game of thrones with your office great houses: business

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The HBO original series Game of Thrones has grown from an unlikely medieval fantasy gamble in season one to a pop culture powerhouse after the finale of season four. The series, based on the incredible novels by George R.R. Martin, drew viewers and readers alike into the land of Westeros on the promise of swordplay and dragons and magical escapism, but surprisingly the true popularity of the story is borne on the back of the incredibly engaging human interactions. Yes the trial by combat between The Mountain and The Viper was a stunning and breathtaking ballet of martial violence, but it was the underpinnings of loss and revenge and arrogance that truly made the scene a gripping moment for the TV history books. The Seven Kingdoms are a foreign land, but they are not so unfamiliar when you peer past the weirwoods and into the business of the Great Houses. In fact, ruling over these varied factions is not unlike running a business; your office has many different departments, all with unique skills and desires. To truly take advantage of this office diversity, you must have a keen understanding of each department's strengths and weaknesses, their needs and desires, and most importantly, their capability to work together as a cohesive unit. This is where Game of Thrones can teach us a lesson about the struggles to achieve such a peace, and the people working to make it a reality.

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(Game of Thrones imagery is copyright HBO. Thanks to them and George R.R. Martin for the incredible stories)