Pivot with Confidence: Free Access to our Territory Management Solution

May 18, 2020
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Disruption at any time impacts carefully laid out sales plans for the year. Like you, we’re looking at ways to adapt and pivot plans. That's why we're offering our leading territory planning solution, Xactly AlignStar, free for 30 days!

Disruption at any time impacts carefully laid out sales plans for the year. Current global events have put everything from hiring plans to territory management into question. As a result, hiring strategies are shifting, pipeline metrics are under scrutiny, quotas are being modified, and territories are changing in this new, virtual environment.

Like you, we’re looking at ways to reorganize our sales teams, as well as building best-, worst-, and base-case scenarios. Xactly AlignStar, our territory management solution, has been critical in helping us pivot and quickly make informed decisions by allowing us to: 

  1. Automate Territory Alignment – Sales ops professionals can easily upload their data and quickly visualize recommended territory alignments based on company requirements. 
  2. Identify “White-Space” Opportunities – Xactly Alignstar’s built-in thematic maps help to identify opportunities that may have been overlooked. 
  3. Build & Compare “What-if” Models – It’s critical to quickly build and compare multiple territory scenarios to make educated decisions about the right next step.


When the World Changes and the Territories Have to Adjust

At Xactly, one thing has remained constant amidst all of the changes we’ve been faced with—our core C.A.R.E. values will always be used to guide the way we interact.

Our first core value ‘C’ is for Customer Focus. We’ve been bringing this value to light by meeting even more with our customers than usual and responding to their unique needs. Here is what we have heard from them about how they are using Xactly during these unpredictable times: 

  • “We had to immediately redirect sales to not only drive more revenue for the company but for our reps,” a leading risk management provider shared. “One of the first things we did was to look at our territories and re-purpose them. We wanted to optimize our salesforce and using Xactly’s AlignStar we were able to do that with what we know right now.”
  • “Xactly allowed us to realign territories without any delays,” a sales manager at a leading life sciences company said. “All of the managers liked the solution, and it was a big resource for us in realigning territories.”

Tackling Change Head-on 

Based on feedback from our customers and always looking for ways to contribute to our broaden sales community, we are offering Xactly AlignStar FREE for 30 Days to help our sales community cope with the challenging business conditions brought on by COVID-19. This free-trial offer also includes:

  • Xactly University - AlignStar Free-trial users will have access to a training session to get you quickly oriented with AlignStar and ready to build and reorganize strategic territories.
  • Xactly Support - Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have the resources and get exactly what you need to build reliable territory models.

Over 1,600 customers use Xactly’s SPM solution, and during these times AlignStar has become an irreplaceable resource that enables customers to dynamically adapt their sales strategies.

Xactly AlignStar is foundational to our holistic suite of tools for sales planning, as it eliminates the guesswork from capacity, territory, and quota planning. This, in turn, allows companies to hit sales and revenue targets and drive top-line growth using analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). 

By automating processes, breaking down data silos, and integrating with a company’s existing tech stack, Xactly’s planning solutions ensure leadership across finance, sales, and sales ops have a single source of truth for modeling different “what if” scenarios and tracking results in real-time. 

To learn more about AlignStar and how your business can receive free access to the product, click here.

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Kim West
Kimberlee West
Product Marketing Manager

Kim has over 10 years of experience building insight and engagement strategies from her consulting and advisory background. As a Product Marketing Manager at Xactly she is responsible for the Planning suite of products that are foundational to Sales Performance Management.