The Power of Project Unite

4 min read

Here in the UK office, we’ve just returned from Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual user conference in San Francisco. With 170,000 attendees from more than 83 countries, it was quite the event for the Xactly team. There was a lot to be proud of at this year's event, and one thing that came out of Dreamforce 2016 that we are particularly excited about is Project Unite. Launched earlier this year, Project Unite is an innovative collaboration of best-in-class cloud applications that integrate with Salesforce to help drive businesses and scale them successfully for growth. Project Unite has successfully brought  together business tools such as  Salesforce CRM, Salesforce CPQ, SageLive, NewVoiceMedia, DocuSign, SpringCM, CloudSocius and Xactly to aid businesses and their sales reps with one holistic view of all deals from start to finish. One thing that hasn’t changed in the digital world we now live in is the sales process. It is still a ‘quote---> contract---> commission---> to cold hard cash’ process. However, technology can make it a lot faster, more accurate, profitable, and efficient! Imagine if you could say with certainty that your sales reps were able find the right leads, to pitch the right deals, close contracts faster, and review and receive their commission easily and accurately? What if this was all done on the one platform – imagine the ease of use! Well now with Project Unite, this is a reality. Thanks to this integration between our cloud platforms, sales reps are able to easily build out comprehensive, accurate quotes without ever having to leave So how does it work? To start with, a deal is generated through NewVoiceMedia in Salesforce Quote-to-Cash and easily fed into SpringCM’s contract management system which provides the tools for managing any changes, negotiations, and approvals down the line. Then through Docusign, the final contract is then sent with all the required signatures which can be tracked and captured in the document. During the sales process, the sales rep is inevitably going to want to identify the commission they will make from the job. Thanks to the Xactly Incent Estimator this is easy to evaluate. With all of the elements synchronized and aligned, if anything were to change in the CPQ’s contract quote calculator, this would immediately be reflected in Xactly Incent so  the sales rep gets complete accuracy on the expected commission they will earn on the deal. Once the final contract has been signed and captured on Docusign, the billing process is automatically activated with the invoice processed through SageLive. NewVoiceMedia will then close the loop through managing the service requirements of the customer. Project Unite is all about ensuring the right deals provide the right incentive, that no delay occurs in the contract or signature process, and that ultimately, the customer gets the right service, and everyone gets paid accordingly. That is the power of Project Unite - the collaboration of Salesforce with Docusign, NewVoiceMedia, Salesforce Quote-to-Cash, SpringCM, and Xactly. To find out more about Project Unite, check out the website Project Unite