The Spreadsheet Diet

4 min read

"I'm so glad I stopped getting healthy," said no one ever. When you go on a diet or start a new healthy routine you feel encouraged by affects like improved mood and increased energy. When you put your spreadsheets on a diet, you'll feel motivated by results like improved workflow and more reps hitting quota. With quota planning season coming up, it's time to cut back on those manual processes, email chains, and file versions to reveal a leaner more streamlined quota process. This CompCloud we were lucky enough to have Senior Product Manager at Xactly, Steve Eddy, discuss  how automating quota allocations will be key to helping you get your quotas in shape! Planning Planning quotas should never be an activity executed by one person. For  quota planning  to be successful it needs to be a top down, continual process. That means if you want to achieve optimal results like hitting your sales goals, and using  data to drive your decisions then the C-suite, Sales, and likely Finance will all need to be in the room for on-going planning sessions. Problems to Address One major problem to address is pretty obvious-many reps aren't making quota. In fact, according to data from Xactly Insights only 30% made quota in 2014." Ideally, at least 60% of reps should be hitting 100% of their quota. To improve these stats at your own company three areas must be addressed: Automation, visibility, collaboration, and accuracy. Build a Successful Quota Process The first step to building a successful quota process is to make sure that said process is consistent and repeatable. Next, make sure that the process is understood by all parties involved in the planning and execution of quotas. Remember that quotas shouldn't be set in stone, there are times quota relief is necessary, and quotas should be revisited frequently. It can be a pain to get everyone's input, but getting feedback from the entire management team is key to ensuring that quotas are fair and effective. When you go on a diet for your health, you have to change things about your current food and exercise routine and cut back on some of your habits that aren't conducive  to seeing the results you want. The same is true of changing up the way you plan for quotas. It's time to make old, manual processes a thing of the past.