Spring Forward in Your Career: Part Two

5 min read

@CoachJessness here checking in on the actionable career growth tips we spoke about in part 1 of this series. Did you find changes in the ways you listened? Maybe you asked for feedback after your stage of the project was completed? Let’s jump into part two’s tips on how to create more visibility for yourself at work and further your career. Many of the career practices I teach relating to career progression isn’t so much about adding additional tasks to your ‘to-do’ list, but more about becoming aware in the ways you’re completing tasks already on your list.

Lead by example

It’s one of the simplest and quickest ways to get noticed. On the flip-side, it’s also one of those cliché sayings we all know and understand: easier said than done. I can’t help but think about all the election hype…but that’s for another post! Don’t make things a bigger deal than they have to be. I’m not saying you have to run for mayor! Because the truth is, it’s the little things people notice! And even more so, the way you make them feel. One of the best ways you can lead by example and showcase your leadership capabilities is to follow through. Check it out: Even if you can’t complete what you first set out to do, give an update! Circle back to the person and follow up. If something has changed in the process or you need additional information, give an update! Saying nothing gives off a message you’re probably not meaning to give. No update and no follow-up sends the message that nothing is getting done. Which we all know is most likely not the case. Once you begin to follow through on your promises, it will be noticed, and it will inspire others to do the same. Sounds super positive right? But think about it this way, no one wants to be the person that never has an update, or always has to be chased down for something, right?

Be open-minded

My mom used to do this thing with her hands that drove me crazy, but today I’m thankful for the early lesson. To this day, I still think about it, obviously. She used to make her hands into closed fists and then change them to an open webbed gesture. Yep, you guessed it, signifying my closed-mindedness to an open mind. Lesson holds true here – in order to create trustworthy environments within your team, you must keep your mindset open. Encouraging new ideas, and helping to create a safe place for feedback is key. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, this is where strong dreams are born from. When you’re in a meeting notice your responses and comments around ideas, or personal opinions – bringing awareness to it is sometimes all it takes to improve this concept. When you’re open, you’re automatically more of the type of partner someone wants to work with. And later when management is thinking about who to promote, I guarantee this will be come into consideration! Why? Because someone open-minded is comfortable with new processes, finding creative ways to solve problems, and most importantly thriving in a people management role. Another way that open-mindedness can be incorporated in your work life is when you’re creating something new, or changing it. Include people in the process, model encouraging new ways of thinking, and help to create an atmosphere in the group that values teamwork. To top it off with a cliché saying, I have go for it, there’s no 'I' in teamwork people.