Reflecting on 12 Years Together

It's official—Xactly was founded twelve years ago! Learn more about our company's history and 12+ years of anonymous, aggregate sales pay and performance data.

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12 years ago today, Xactly was born. I remember the day like it was yesterday. At first, it was three of us, Satish Palvai, Desta Price, and me. We occupied a little corner of an 8,000-square foot space. We had cut a “deal” with the landlord to let us only pay for what we used.

My son, Cole, who was nine at the time, helped me build the desks we had purchased from IKEA. In less than three months, we grew from three to fifteen, and then to fifty. From that original core group of people, we built a family, with mutual respect and a deep sense of loyalty.

Today, we employ nearly 500 Xactlians worldwide, ten percent of whom have been with the company for eight years or more, and that sense of loyal camaraderie has grown even stronger. The essence of our culture has remained true over the years. That success lies in the attitudes of our employees.

It’s never been, “What can Xactly do for me?” Xactlians bring a positive attitude to work. Our employees are empowered to make our company what they want it to be. The relationships between the senior staff and our employees have remained open and transparent. Being approachable continues to be a priority for me, as well as the executive staff, none of us are insulated from the actual day-to-day working of the business.

Our relentless focus on innovation continues to be our top-most priority. We have been committed to changing our industry from day one. First, it was the cloud - which was a big deal 12 years ago. Today, it’s the data – 12 years of empirical data that our customers can use to change the game.

At Xactly, we’re relishing how the future of Sales Performance Management is unfolding, and how we are re-defining the industry every day. After all these years, on our 12th anniversary, I’m so grateful for this journey. To our customers, partners, stakeholders, employees and our friends, thank you for believing. I can’t wait to work with you on the next big innovations.