Secrets to Gaming the Plan with Ronnie Lott

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Recently Xactly founder, president, and CEO Christopher W. Cabrera sat down with football hall of famer and businessman Ronnie Lott to discuss how gaming the plan has had an impact in his own life. Through his own experience with gaming the plan and creating win-win situations, Ronnie has found that a group of people working towards the same goal makes far more impact than an individual working toward a misaligned goal.

During the discussion, Ronnie shared how throughout his tenure on the San Francisco 49ers the whole team played a role in the success of the season. Whether you were a starting running back or a third string rookie, each member of the team worked toward the same, aligned goal. This understanding created a win for the team, as they worked together in unison and ultimately led to a string of winning seasons.

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Ronnie and Chris continued to discuss how similar salespeople and athletes are as they are both a part of teams trying to work towards a greater goal. Below you can view the interview between Ronnie and Chris and find out how Chris’ new book Game the Plan, Every Sales Rep’s Dream; Every CFO’s Nightmare resonated with Ronnie both as an athlete and businessman. Stay up to date with the release of Game the Plan by visiting