Sales Compensation Takes Center Stage in Chicago

4 min read

Next week, the top thought-leaders in incentive compensation will converge in Chicago for WorldatWork’s Spotlight on Sales Compensation to share their views, insight, and vision about the future of the space. Sales remain the lifeblood of any successful business, and incentives are the primary way to drive and engage sales teams. Yet many companies (upwards of 80 percent by some estimations) are still in the dark ages of managing compensation on spreadsheets. While automating is certainly the right place to start, automation alone is not enough to compete in today’s digital world. Advancements in big data and analytics have made it possible for companies to explore the details of how their compensation initiatives are working, allowing them to design more thoughtful, impactful programs – from plan design, through to payment. During next week’s show, Xactly will be accompanied on stage by two of our all-star customers – National Instruments and LegalZoom. Both will share how they are taking a more strategic, data-driven approach to optimizing their compensation initiatives, motivating sales reps, and aligning incentives with overall business objectives. National Instruments Tuesday, August 23, 1:00pm National Instrument’s, Brent Mattson and Xactly’s Robert Blohm will discuss how the company leveraged data to better manage and drive plan performance. We see time and time again, companies spending a lot of time and energy designing their sales compensation plans each year, but commonly neglecting to monitor the performance of these same plans (or make necessary adjustments) until it is too late. National Instruments will share how they implemented a data-driven program focused on tracking the performance of its sales comp program throughout the year to identify results and create a feedback loop used to implement changes to the plans. LegalZoom Case Study Wednesday, August 24, 9:30am With a fast-growing sales team of several hundred reps, LegalZoom was limited by the very scenario we noted prior – managing incentive compensation on spreadsheets. The process was not only time-consuming and tedious for sales operations, but it limited the company's ability to use compensation to engage their sales team. In the session, LegalZoom’s Ed Arcinue and Xactly’s Erik Charles will discuss how LegalZoom threw the book at spreadsheets and was able to create an automated, dynamic compensation system that allowed for better plan development, energized and motivated the sales team, and ultimately led to improved customer satisfaction. If you plan to be at next week’s Spotlight on Sales Compensation show, we hope you’ll stop by and see us at Booth 15 at River Level 2. If you can’t make it, look out for the highlights by following us on Twitter (@Xactly) and using hashtag #salescomp16. Chicago, here we come!