A Simple Recipe for a Sophisticated B2B Pinterest page

4 min read

Your family’s secret recipe for Chicken Parmesan isn’t too complicated - its delicious simplicity is what makes it your go-to meal for when you have company over, and what keeps you making it time and time again. A company’s Pinterest page thrives on the same straightforwardness. With just a few simple ingredients, some time, and a little bit of spice, you can utilize the unique space to share specialized content and build a loyal user-base that keeps coming back to your page for entertainment and information. 1. First, fold in a chunk of environmental awareness like FedEx. If your company is making strides towards creating a more sustainable business model, Pinterest is a great place to showcase the ways in which you’re doing so. It’s helpful for the customer to see if a brand is interested in finding new ways to use less fuel, leave less of an imprint on the planet, and create less waste. As savvy companies become increasingly interested in sustainable practices and initiatives, it never hurts to show the world your new green side. GOGREEN   2. Next, add a sprinkle of humor like Marketo. No matter who you are, I’m willing to bet you love to laugh. A great way to capture and retain a loyal audience is through humor. Jokes that are particularly clever to use on B2B pinterest page include inside jokes and memes that people in or familiar with your product or industry will understand. This establishes a community that fosters consumer connectivity; everyone feels like they are in on the joke. For example, Marketo has a board devoted purely to e-mail related jokes, which will be funny from now until the next time you open your inbox. MARKETOIMAGE   3. Allow to marinate, and then add a dash of informative content like HubSpot. Whether it’s in the form of an e-book, an infographic, or a webinar, HubSpot’s Pinterest page is brimming with useful information and helpful resources for its buyers to peruse. To emulate this tactic, make sure you have a board for all the valuable content your team has created. HUBSPOTIMAGE 4. Finally, include a splash of show-stopping graphics like Intel. The world of marketing mindshare is becoming increasingly visual, and well-designed graphics garner a lot of attention. Intel has boards dedicated to art and technology that are a surefire way to get people interested in their brand. You can score extra points for adding infographics that combine these engaging graphics with valuable information. INTELIMAGE With this simple recipe of mine, you should be ready to step-up your game on Pinterest. Certainly, there are more complicated and involved recipes, and an endless amount of tips and tricks that can be garnered from other successful B2B pages, but these are a few ideas to get you started. If you have a minute, check out Xactly's Pinterest page for more inspiration.