Solidarity Through C.A.R.E.

Apr 01, 2020
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We're all facing a challenging time with the COVID-19 situation. At Xactly, one thing has remained constant amidst all of the changes we’ve been faced with—our core C.A.R.E. values will always be used to guide the way we interact. 

It’s been said that you can’t measure people by the way they act in the good times, and I have to agree. You learn a person (or company’s) true character during the most challenging times. For us  Xactlians, (we people at Xactly) at least one thing has remained constant amidst all of the changes we’ve been faced with—our core C.A.R.E. values will always be used to guide the way we interact. 

Our founder and CEO Chris Cabrera invited us yesterday to consider changing our background image on LinkedIn to demonstrate our concern for others at this time and to be a bold reminder and symbol for us to strongly adhere to our core C.A.R.E. values regardless of the challenges we are all facing. We partnered with Danielle Daly of Rexi Media and Slidetown to design what we envisioned to make this happen.

The way that we are approaching a situation that is novel to all of us. If you’re unfamiliar, our company values spell out care and stand for customer focus, accountability, respect, and excellence. I decided to follow Chris’ lead and change out my background image. I am proud to share Xactly’s C.A.R.E. values as a symbol of support for our customers, partners, community, families and one another.

Living Our Core Values Amidst Disruption

Customer Focus: What you can expect from us

  • We want you to be safe and we understand your desire to learn more about Sales Performance Management. For the first time, we’re going virtual for our annual user event, Xactly Unleashed Virtual, and you can register here. We’re busy at work, creating a spectacular event, jammed packed with new learnings, game-changing interactive content and of course, incentives for participation. 
  • We have a dedicated landing page with dynamic resources specifically designed to help you with the sales challenges you may be facing through this business disruption. 
  • A ton of new content is available, along with some clever hacks for working remotely.
  • Xactly’s new training portal is available to support and further your Xactly expertise no matter where you are.

Accountability: We are here for you, always.

  • Remembering that we’re all one team with a common goal to help our co-workers and customers whenever possible is paramount. 
  • Checking in on each other’s well being, and touching base more often with our teams helps us stay accountable to each other.  It also gives us an opportunity to be there for each other.
  • We are accountable to our customers by delivering them the support, product, and content that they need to excel in their roles through these difficult circumstances. And now more than ever our teams are focused on delivering solutions and counsel to our clients.

Respect: Every minute of every day.

  • Empathy training has been provided to all people managers in an effort to build better relationships at work, and teach people the importance of emotional IQ with toolsets like better listening skills, and new ways to encourage and validate the people that report to them. 
  • Let’s give credit where credit is due. While Xactly has always had a culture where good work and recognition are celebrated, I have noticed an increase in appreciation being shown for each other and for our community of people who help us out over the last few weeks. A slack #kudos channel makes simple shout-outs easy and visible for everyone to see:

    Excellence: Never stop being best that you can be.

  • Our Founder and CEO Chris Cabrera, as well as many of our other employees and salespeople, are leading the industry with important thought leadership and unique perspectives on our current business situation. 
  • We’re working hard to help people learn to work well within the new norm. Our HR team is sending out videos from our employees that show the reality of WFH in all different circumstances. We salute everyone who is still doing their day job while also becoming a home-school teacher, chef, and personal trainer:

We know that COVID-19 has a varying impact depending on your specific life circumstances. That being said, we are empathetic to the fact that for many, like those with children at home, those who are suffering from anxiety or depression, and people that are immunocompromised, this is an incredibly difficult situation that’s changing everything about your daily life.

We are here for you, and we want to meet you where you are. 

If that means pushing out a Zoom meeting so that you can make lunch for your child, we understand. 

If that means directing you to a webinar that covers a specific topic you’re struggling with then feel free to reach out for resources. 

These are especially trying times, and we will only get through them as a community. 

Let’s be CARE-ing before all else.

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Jordan Scott
Jordan Scott
Manager, Content Marketing

Jordan Scott is the Manager of Content Marketing at Xactly. She attended The University of California at Santa Cruz, and received degrees in Literature and Education.