Lights, Camera, Action: Spotlight on Sales Compensation

5 min read

Xactly is heading to Chicago August 21-23! We are so excited to be attending WorldatWork’s hit event, Spotlight on Sales Compensation for the seventh year in a row. If you’re also going to be at the 2017 Spotlight on Sales Compensation event, be sure to come say hello to the friendly faces from Xactly! You also won’t want to miss the following sessions featuring Xactly sales compensation design and sales performance management experts:

The End of Weighting: Relative Rate Plans to Direct Sales Focus

Tuesday, August 22nd, 10:00 – 11:00 AM EST Donya Rose will discuss the power of simplicity in plan design. She’ll introduce the concept behind the relative rate plan, and the ways to leverage it during tricky situations, including:

  • Paying for on-premise licensed software and subscriptions in the same plan
  • Paying an appropriate uplift on new customers or products
  • Rewarding for preferred deal terms
  • Emphasizing acquisition of new customers in a new market segment
  • Adding compensation for the most profitable sales

Donya will reveal the actual algebra to make this work, as well as several cases where the relative rate plan has proved to be a successful one.

Are you ready for ASC 606?

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2:00 – 3:00 PM Hopefully, you’re aware that the new Revenue Recognition Standard goes into effect soon – like, really soon. One component of the new standard has a huge impact on how your organization must now manage and account for commission expenses AKA “the costs of obtaining a contract.” Erik Charles, VP of Product Marketing, leads the charge in this session, reviewing the implications of the standard, some common myths around applicability to help attendees better understand how to be compliant, what data you’ll need, the impact on different transitional models and what could impact your operational functions in the long-term. If you’d like to learn more about the impact to commission expenses prior to attending Erik’s session, see our resources page

Show off your table tennis skills

Tuesday, August 22nd, 6:30 PM Don't forget to register for the #xactlylovesme customer party at Chicago's SPiN on Tuesday evening! You won't want to miss out on great food and drink, and fun entertainment. Some special guests will walk away with a custom pair of designer shades.

How DocuSign Created a Signature Sales Compensation Program with Data-Driven Intelligence

Wednesday, August 23rd, 9:30 – 10:30 AM Inspire a new level of performance in your sales force! Learn how Ely Lai, Senior Director of Sales Compensation at DocuSign integrated their core compensation data, applied advanced analytics and modeling to gain new insight into what drives performance and motivates sales reps. Erik Charles joins Ely to talk about how benchmarking data against industry best practices can help fine-tune your compensation plans to drive better results. This will be an expert-led conversation that is sure to meet your expectations!   Whether you’re traveling to join us in Chicago or not, you can still follow along with the Xactly journey. Keep track of us @Xactly on Twitter, and #SalesComp17. We hope to see you there!