Being a Starbucks Employee Has Never Been Sweeter

3 min read

Starbucks has long been an attractive employer for college students. The free access to caffeine packed coffee seems like incentive enough but the perks don’t stop there: the convenience of multiple locations in a small radius, operating hours that work around the most complicated school schedules, and the generous benefits package Starbucks offers makes it an obvious favorite. Considering that, “95% of Americans consider perks & benefits while deciding to stay or take a new job,” according to Forbes, Starbucks has positioned themselves well as a company that takes care of their employees. Just last week, Starbucks went even further to delight their employees with the chance to finish school - all expenses paid. The program is a partnership with Arizona State University’s web courses, and covers the tuition costs for employees working an average of 20 hours a week and completing their junior or senior year through the ASU program. For employees working on their freshman and sophomore coursework, Starbucks will pay 22% of the tuition. According to Laurel Harper, a Starbucks spokeswoman, the decision to help students pursue higher education was deliberate. “We are seeing this systemic problem with young working adults today, that the American dream is becoming less of a possibility.  And part of the American dream is getting an education.” While tuition reimbursement programs are not necessarily a new phenomenon in the employee perks world, many times the programs are either quite limiting or are reserved for full time employees working towards a degree directly related to their job function. The Starbucks program does not define a set coursework, and instead encourages participants to study what interests them. This move has put Starbucks miles above its competition, and has set them as a front-runner across all companies regardless of the industry. Going out on a limb for the sake of the employee isn’t anything new for Starbucks - in 1988 Starbucks was the first company to offer part-time employees health insurance, a move which, while not the norm now, many other companies have also followed. Here at Xactly we offer a number of great perks for our employees, one of which is a tuition reimbursement program that offers $6,000 per year to full time employees.