Strategic Sales Compensation Reports for Enterprise Finance

It’s time to make your data work for you, instead of the other way around. Use advanced analytic capabilities to run these custom reports.

3 min read

You, there, the enterprise finance leader, juggling ten things at once. Yes, you. How many priorities do you struggle with daily? The C-suite has their deadlines. Your sales reps want timely, accurate compensation. And don’t forget your forecasts. They have to be spot on, despite products, customers and regions of different profitability. Sound familiar? Your goals change constantly. For example, because sales leaders frequently tailor their sales incentive plans for the best results, you need the flexibility to tweak your incentive strategy at a moment’s notice. Needless to say, trying to do this in a spreadsheet is pretty much impossible. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the data you put into Excel could tell you more, faster? The fact of the matter is that your data just isn’t useful when it’s trapped in spreadsheets. It’s time to make your data work for you, instead of the other way around. How? Automated compensation solutions don’t just alleviate mundane tasks. You can use advanced analytic capabilities to run reports with one click and:

  • Track exactly where your money goes
  • Improve alignment between finance and sales teams
  • Use incentive compensation to drive higher sales numbers
  • Boost overall financial performance.

What’s more, your entire finance team benefits from greater flexibility when you automate. At a glance, strategic compensation analytics allow you to:

  • Increase efficiency in finance reporting
  • Benefit from built-in compliance rules, record keeping and audit controls
  • Pinpoint accurate calculations, every time
  • Reduce costs and eliminate unnecessary spending

And you can access all of this data (and more) from your mobile device. Like O.C. Tanner, you can save 20 hours PER WEEK with more efficient sales compensation processes. When you streamline your data, you streamline your life. Don’t just plug numbers into spreadsheets – put your data to work. Use compensation reports strategically to win. So stop juggling and break free from spreadsheets.