Ten Ways to Give Thanks for Your Employees


During the holidays, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of your own life; but to keep your employees engaged and motivated throughout the festive season, a little extra appreciation can go a long way. 78 percent of employees say they would work harder if they were better recognized, and what better time of year than the holidays to give thanks for the hard work of all your employees. Here are our top ten favorite ways to give thanks for your employees:

1.Holiday potluck

Provide the main dishes and have the rest of the office bring the sides. Potlucks are a great way to kick off the holiday season, and a simple way to foster a friendly company culture.

2. Starbucks cards for all

Let’s be honest, a pumpkin spice latte tastes that much better when someone else pays for it.

3. The day off after Thanksgiving 

Some companies insist that the Friday after Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday. However, employees are likely to still be in a food coma, and you will see better productivity the following Monday, after employees have had a chance to relax with family, let the tryptophan wear off, and get some extra sleep.

 4. Thank- you notes

A heartfelt note recognizing people’s hard work goes a long way. Cash incentives aren’t the only way to let your employees know you care and appreciate their efforts; we all like to know that our over-time hours, extra effort on big projects, or consistent positive attitudes are being noticed.

5. A small festive gift 

If you’re the crafty type, Pinterest is rife with turkey day and other holiday themed ideas for snack mixes, sweet treats, and cards that show you care.

6. Raffle a prize 

Sell raffle tickets  for wine tasting, a sporting event, or a concert. Proceeds from the tickets can go to a charity the company supports, and one lucky employee will have an extra fun day over the holidays. Win-Win.

7. Donate to charity on behalf of employees

Incenting right is all about knowing your unique employees and understanding what makes them tick. If your work force is generally wealthy, and wanting for little during the holidays, a donation on their behalf is a great way to give back to and support those less fortunate in your community.

8. Gift Certificate for one extra paid vacation or sick day 

Giving employees an extra paid day off can alleviate additional stress your work force may be feeling from trying to squeeze in holiday shopping, going to children’s recitals or class parties, and getting all of their daily responsibilities taken care of. You can ease their worries by providing them with one extra day off to fulfill all their holiday duties. Extra points if it never expires.

9. Cookies and Milk

A sweet afternoon snack the day before Thanksgiving will provide just the sugar rush and extra motivation your employees need to finish up the week strong, and get the optimum amount of work done before the holiday.

10. Bring a Masseuse to the office 

Provide the option for employees to sign up for fifteen minute complimentary massages. Your employees will appreciate you helping to ease their holiday stress, and the entire office will benefit from a more relaxed and Zen workforce.

Here at Xactly, we wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season  full of fun, family, and of course, delicious meals! 


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