The 10% Factor - Incremental Change, Incredible Growth

2 min read

We started off this year with an idea, that little, manageable changes can have an incredible impact on big problems. Inspired by Dan Harris, coanchor of Nightline and the featured speaker at CompCloud, we've been thinking about the effects of small changes, the significance of being 10% better, smarter, or happier. This 10% factor can have really interesting results when you start applying it to practical situations beyond happiness - we've touched on this idea in the blog, but now we've got something really special for you - The 10% Factor, an infographic which takes you through some unexpected and exciting implications of applying a 10% bump. This isn't about buying the farm, going all in, or pulling a full about face; this is about the thoughtful, tactical changes that are totally doable and decidedly delightful.