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Emma Fulcher
Emma Fulcher
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Emma Fulcher is the Social Media Manager and Content Writer at Xactly. She attended San Jose State University where she received her degree in English.

We love our customers. More specifically, we love hearing from our customers. In fact, our core values are listed as C.A.R.E – the first letter “C” representing “customer success.” Everything we do in our work is about achieving total customer success, and helping our customers thrive. When I first started with Xactly (at the end of August), I attended our CEO orientation with Chris Cabrera. During his talk with new employees, Chris spent most of his time accentuating how important the success of our customers is.

Our customers tell us how we can improve, and (more often) what we do well. We take what they share with us very seriously, and no stone is left unturned because we know that our customers are the lifeblood of our organization. Their success is our success!

When you are a new customer to Xactly, you’re invited to join our advocacy program. This hub enables our customers to stay connected with all things Xactly, while also engaging with their peers. It gives them a chance to add their voice of expertise to the conversations taking place inside the hub. FOX members get to participate in many ways: through daily challenges, discussions, solution reviews, as well as referrals. Plus, all this participation can be exchanged for a wide variety of gifts and prizes.

Recently, we asked our customer advocates within the program to share what they love about Xactly: specifically, how Xactly’s solutions help them intheir work and in their life. Just like usual – they went above and beyond. We were so impressed with the feedback, we had to share:



For easier reading, here are the words that came up the most:









Business process automation



Easy Fast


At Xactly, we’ll continue to strive for excellence in all that we do, and that starts with how we meet our customer’s expectations every day. While no one can promise perfection, we can promise that we’ll take our customer feedback seriously, and never stop questioning how we can change our services and offerings to best work for them.

We’d love for you to contribute your thoughts. Want to learn more? Have some opinions to share? Tweet us @Xactly.

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The Cloud Says It All