The Fog Bank: A CompCloud-ers Guide to San Francisco

CompCloud 15 is just a few short days away-if you don't believe me, just take a look at the countdown timer-and we're counting the minutes until we get to hear Peter Diamandis, Chris Harrington, and our very own Founder & CEO Christopher W. Cabrera speak about inspiration, motivation, and what that really means for both our personal and professional lives. And because you're coming to the city, you get to explore SF!

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CompCloud 15 is just a few short days away (if you don't believe me, just take a look at the countdown timer), and we're counting the minutes until we get to hear Peter Diamandis, Chris Harrington, and our very own Founder & CEO Christopher W. Cabrera speak about inspiration, motivation, and what that really means for both our personal and professional lives. If you're one of the lucky out-of-towners not only coming to CompCloud, but also staying a couple extra days in the City, then you have the opportunity to take advantage of the most vibrant and unique cities on the planet! Whether you're a foodie, a fitness buff, or a sightseeing aficionado, this definitive guide is a must read for you.

1. Grab some Joe!

If there's one thing you have to do to start your adventure into San Francisco, it's grab a good cuppa' Joe. San Francisco is renowned for their inventive and expressive coffee scene, and unless you're planning a trip up the coast in the near future, this is the best coffee you're likely to have all year. So hunt down a Blue Bottle distributor or make your way to a Philz, and start your day in the bay the right way (warning: coffee is not guaranteed to give you sweet rhyming skills). shutterstock_114120892 copy

2. See the Sights!

China Town is host to authentic dim sum, tchotchkes to bring home for the kids, and many cultural events. North Beach (Little Italy), naturally boasts the best Italian food in the city, and the Marina is home to waterfront and Golden Gate Bridge views. If you need a treat after a tasty dinner try the Mission for Bi-Rite Ice Cream, and a stroll through Dolores Park. download_asset-7

3. Farm to Table!

Check out the iconic building and stock up on organic plums- two birds, one stone. The Ferry Building farmers market runs Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. download_asset-6

4. Don't Haight!

Haight & Ashbury is a corner more famous than maybe any other in San Francisco. There is a lot of history that went into this area, and the result is a fascinating street full of colorful and curious local stores. Go grab some Devils on Horseback at the Magnolia Gastropub, or grab yourself a strange new tome at The Booksmith. Or just visit Ben and his pal Jerry - your call. shutterstock_171878102 copy

5. Catch a Show!

San Francisco has theatre and performance to spare. The San Francisco Symphony can’t be missed, and they have plenty of shows this month. Is something with more cowbell a little more your speed? Sammy Hagar is at the Fillmore May 15th with his show “Acoustic for a Cure.” download_asset-2

6. Smell the Roses!

The Park and Panhandle area, near abouts to previous suggestion Haight street, is one of the most beautiful areas of San Francisco. From the beautiful flowers and trees to the Japanese tea garden and the museums, this is one of the more enjoyable cultural hotspots. Check it out please! shutterstock_218976331

7. Break a Sweat!

Are you a fitness buff who needs to break a sweat even on vacation? Run or walk the Embarcadero, or Crissy Field to Golden Gate Bridge. Nothing like a scenic view and a coastal breeze to keep you motivated. If you want to try something new, look into Hiking Yoga. Their site promises guided hikes to beautiful vistas ending in some sun salutations and downward facing dog sure to make you “fall in workout love.” download_asset

8. Go to Jail!

Have you seen Shutter Island? You can basically do that, just like, sans ghosts and Leo. Seriously though, Alcatraz is spooky and it's like right there, go take a ride out to the rock and check out those old prison digs. shutterstock_239675659

9. Sons of San Francisco!

There are few opportunities to coast through life, why not take advantage when they’re offered? At Pier 39 you can rent bikes, ride them into Sausalito for an afternoon of fun, and then leisurely return on the ferry just in time for some seaside dining. download_asset-5

10. Paint the Town!

Whether you’re stepping away from the conference to have an intimate, waterfront chat, or letting off steam and partying the night away, Waterbar is a great place to start. With unbeatable views and tasty, award winning cuisine it’s worth your time if you can spare it. download_asset-1

11. Sports!

Did you know that San Francisco is home to sports? Namely, the sport of Baseball - the San Francisco Giants have their home base here, and if you're a fan of America's favorite pastime, you need to stop on by and grab yourself some sweet team swag. shutterstock_62462182 copy

12. Vegan Eats!

The Plant is the perfect destination for any vegans, vegetarians, and those who are gluten free. Within walking distance of CompCloud, there’s no reason not to fill up on the restaurant’s fresh, local, and affordable fare. download_asset-8

13. Sushi. Nuff’ said.

Check out Ozumo for beautifully crafted and delicious sushi rolls and specialty cocktails. If you’re in the mood for something unique, try the “Wildflower Cooler,” an amazing blend that boasts ginger habanero mint simple syrup. On a budget? Happy Hour is 4-6 PM. download_asset-4

14. Go Shopping!

This is a direct quote from friend and fellow author Jordan: "Hi. My name is Jordan, and I’m a shopaholic. If you’re like me and a weekend out of town doesn’t feel quite right without poppin’ a few tags, check out Union Square-I promise you’ll shop til’ you drop. It’s also the perfect location for picking up a new blazer or comfortable flats before the conference." Trust the experts, my friends. download_asset-3

15. Take in the View!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the panoramic view from the top of locally known “Turtle Hill” is easily worth a dictionary. No use describing this one, just get up there around sunset (5-7pm) to see one of the most iconic sights of the City. And while there are many ways to enter Grand View Park, the true SF way to play is to walk up the 16th street mosaic steps. Find the intersection of 16th and Moraga Street, and take a walk up a beautiful neighborhood-created work of art. download_asset-10 If you haven’t registered for CompCloud yet, it’s not too late. If you join us in the city, you'll be able to partake in some of the fun activities above, and enjoy the rare opportunity to interact and get inspired by industry thought leaders. Register now!