The Possible Dream – Philanthropy at Dreamforce

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Greg Pisacane
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Gregory Pisacane is a Marketing Content Editor at Xactly Corporation. He attended the University of San Diego and received a Bachelor of Art degree in English.

Dreamforce 15 is a scant few weeks away, and with the clock counting down to this incredible event and the business world gearing up to unleash their best on the show floor come September, all eyes are on San Francisco and the news that is sure to come.

Knowing that the hype and energy is building to a head, ready to come crashing down on their fair city in less than 30 days, it would be easy for Salesforce to keep all that powerful focus locked on their offering and their partners. But when Salesforce created the Dreamforce event, and began to cultivate a dedicated attendance base and impactful conference atmosphere, it realized there was an opportunity to serve the community at large with even just a tiny runoff of their pre-show excitement. Their push towards philanthropy at Dreamforce has created some truly inspiring results, and their efforts should serve as a model for other companies to follow.

So, what does it look like when Dreamforce angles the mighty anticipation for their show on to a community problem?

Well, as we covered in our Dreamforce post last week, it looks something like 3 million meals donated to the hungry last year. It looks a lot like a company keeping their corporate social responsibility at the center of their ideology and methodology. It looks like an event that cares about the community it inhabits, and which leaves a footprint for others to follow.

But that was last year’s success story – what does Dreamforce have in store for us this year? Well, never one to rest on laurels, this year’s push is to have 1 million books donated for children K-12, to schools and libraries around the world. You may recall that they asked for 1 million meals last year, and ultimately tripled that goal, so this organization is poised to make another historical contribution. The Benefit Concert is also a focal point of philanthropy this year, leveraging the Foo Fighters and Gary Clark hopefully raise $10 million for the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals.

Finally, every day of the conference, there will be different ways to get involved, and a new giving theme. There will be Playworks recess, kids coding workshops, and campus tours for all to participate in. As they note on their event site, “Dreamforce attracts more nonprofits than any other tech conference, so be sure to check out all the activities and sessions specifically for nonprofits and higher education.” You can learn more about their efforts here.

The impact of efforts like this is staggering – not just for the community, which is made to benefit from the influx of traffic with food and education and medical care, but for the corporate world at large. Within their company I can only imagine the pride and satisfaction garnered from providing that kind of care and from having that ability to give back to your neighborhood. Outside the company I can only hope it inspires like it has here, pushing our company to match the energy and excitement of these philanthropic efforts.

XactlyOne was modeled after The 1-1-1 Pledge, and has remained one of the things I most appreciate about working here. A company that cares can change the space around them, and by leading the way with such dramatic and outstanding initiatives, Dreamforce has proved the motivational and inspirational impact of corporate philanthropy.


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The Possible Dream – Philanthropy at Dreamforce