The SaaS Advantage: 6 Benefits of Choosing ICM in the Cloud

4 min read

We know it’s a lot of pressure to be the one tasked with choosing an ICM (Incentive Compensation Management) solution, so we’re here to assuage the struggle. If choosing a vendor is on your plate, than the suite versus best-of-breed battle is likely on your mind, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the pros and cons of each. When a tough decision needs to be made it always helps to prioritize and simplify the choice. For many leaders, the main goals when implementing a new technology is eliminating risk, calculating ROI, and ensuring it will be an easy implementation. To do this successfully you need software that is quickly deployable, predictable, and rigorous. With a cloud solution you’re likely to be up and running within a matter of weeks. Many on premises suites can take up to a year to implement. Let’s face it; most companies just don’t have that kind of time to wait for their business needs to be fulfilled. On a related note, the faster you get up and running the faster you will be able to achieve that positive ROI your boss is likely looking for. If you’ve got incentive compensation on the brain, here are six reasons to choose SaaS: Lower Cost- implementation is fast and predictable. Customers don’t have to worry about upgrades and maintenance; enhancements developed and tested for one client are quickly available to all. The result is lower cost, more reliability, and functionality upgrades for each customer. Less Risk- Xactly Incent Enterprise is highly configurable and doesn’t require teams of technologists to deploy and maintain. Sales Performance Management projects have a higher success rate and deliver on scope, schedule, and cost objectives. Faster feature updates- Xactly runs only one version of software to service all customers. The application supports customer specific configurations of business and compensation rules, business processes, data models, and user interface elements using one version of code. We focus on providing new features in a single version of the application. Scale- Because Xactly’s infrastructure is shared in a modern, redundant, and highly optimized data center customers can begin using the service with hundreds of users and grow to thousands rapidly if needed  Superior Support- The model is flexible enough to allow all of our clients to utilize a common data model. This allows for consistency between our deployments and deep knowledge of our solution that allows us to provide better product support for our clients Trust- See for a live status of Xactly’s attainment and other important systems information