The Stephen Curry of Sales - 3 ways to Get the Ball Rolling

4 min read

What if a sales rep could have as much passion for closing deals as Stephen Curry has for making every shot in his basketball history? Curry has become a sensation for being one of the best shooters in the world! Although, there were times when he had lost his rhythm, and still made a comeback with some incredible shots under challenging circumstances! Sales reps’ selling habits should be similar when it comes to closing a deal with clients. Sales people get bogged down with building their pipeline and managing the day- to- day tasks. Sometimes, reps can lose their rhythm too if they don’t stay motivated and on top of closing a deal. Just as Curry must steer clear from career pitfalls, so must a sales rep. Below are three common persuasive pitfalls reps deal with on daily basis, and how you can remedy them:

  • The need to announce your honesty by starting a phrase with “to be honest with you.” The client can interpret this to mean that you were not honest in the first place. It also takes away from the goal you are trying to achieve.

Solution: Omit the phrase “to be honest with you” from your vocabulary and get straight to the point with helpful and knowledgeable guidance. This is much more persuasive and direct.

  • "What I want to talk about is…” Clients generally want what they need not what reps want, especially if you are trying to persuade them to buy.

Solution: Replace “what I want to talk about…” by starting the conversation with a new topic that ties to benefits for the client. For example, “so that we can find out how to save you money, let’s discuss x, y, z.…” This way you are showing your concern rather than forcing your agenda upon them.

  • Sometimes reps go off base and say, “so what you are saying is… ” Clients might not respond well to this because you may be misinterpreting what they are saying, or you are just repeating what they’ve just stated.

Solution: To be on the same page with the clients, instead of using “what you are saying is…” instead say something like “Am I correct in understanding your ideas to be…?” This phrase is changing a statement into a question and adding an empathetic tone. These are just a few ways sales reps can change their tone and game plan when having conversations with prospective clients. Boom! If a rep can abide by these simple cognitive changes, you’ll have a straight shooter like Curry on your hands in no time! Sources: Johnson, M. (Ed.). (2007). Top dog sales secrets: 50 top sales experts show you proven ways to book more sales (p. 5). Carlsbad, Calif.: Penny Union.