The Top 10 Incentives - Decided by You!

3 min read

A few months ago, we published a blog about improving your sales coaching skills, which featured coaching tips pulled from our incredible customer community. We polled our audience, picked our favorite examples from the many submissions we received, and published them in the blog linked above, which I strongly suggest you check out. Well, the response to that blog was so great that we wanted to follow up with another round of audience interaction - this time around a subject near and dear to our hearts: Incentives! So, we asked our community to answer three questions about their own experience with Incentives, and we've compiled a list of the Incentive opportunities which the most memorable, impactful, and inspiring. Here are the Top 10 Incentives - decided by you!

  1. A SPIF where reps were taken out to dinner for recruiting 5 new members and making 5 new sales.
  2. Award ceremonies at important sales events - like an SKO or a Company All-Hands.
  3. Money, money, and more money - not surprising.
  4. A new car! (Editor's Note: I was not expecting to see this submitted so often, and it's a very cool idea).
  5. President's / Chairman's / Summit Club - a very popular option across the board. Every company structures the requirements for this offering differently, but the prestige of these travel events remains the same.
  6. In-Demand Tickets - obviously depends on who the hot sports team in your area is, but this is a big one!
  7. Gift Cards - like money, but with style!
  8. Extra time off - in a high-pressure world, rewarding with work/life balance can be very powerful.
  9. Recognition and Feedback. People really like to know when they've done well and how they can consistently improve.
  10. And finally, Quarterly MBO's - because everyone appreciates knowing exactly how to bring home that bonus every quarter.

So that's it - our Top 10 Incentives - decided by you! If you'd like to learn more, check out our Incentives 101 guide! Did we miss any cool Incentives? Let us know on Twitter!