The Ultimate Company Culture Checklist

4 min read

How does a company stay committed to its company culture with its growing teams? Just yesterday I was in a room full of talented individuals in my first Monthly Marketing meeting. As you can imagine, in a meeting like this, we addressed a number of things. Everything from upcoming projects and deadlines to product updates, and lastly team and creating a dynamic company culture were touched upon. My mind, although loaded with information, captured a succinct quote – “make a point to stay in the present,” said a team member at the table. It was thought provoking and it struck me as a note to a piano. I’m just three weeks old here at Xactly, and filled with newcomer nerves and always trying to be a perfectionist. Everyday I cross items off a to-do list while perhaps making more errors trying to prove myself. There was a sense of peace associated with what had just been said. I then told myself, I need not worry so much about what tasks are due in the next hours or what is due tomorrow and start focusing on the present. I’m confident I will get them done one way or another, and stepping away from my desk from time to time to meet new co-workers and connect with the people around me can really promote an engaged workforce. So going forward, this will be my little attempt at living in the present. This realization was the first steppingstone in recognizing the Xactly culture. Of course the product is great, there are innovative leaders, and the work life balance is well promoted, but what really connects us as humans is acknowledging and sharing our daily challenges. The point that was made about professional and personal growth keeps employees motivated and inspired. It felt good to relate and be aligned with a leader’s vision and challenge. Company culture is everyone’s responsibility and keeping it in position with strong values and the vision of a leader becomes a driving force for its employee’s performances.

Below is a checklist of how to promote a positive work culture:

  • Celebrate and promote behavior that is in balance with cultural values.
  • Make a continuous effort to support the culture i.e. finishing tasks, talking to your co-workers, and/ or serving your customers.
  • Ensure your company lives its core values, and communicates them in their interactions with customers and one another.
  • Promote employee and consumer brand positioning with the company’s vision and cultural values.
  • Focus on outcomes, not just activity. For instance, brainstorm outcomes, identify the process for achieving those desired outcomes while making sure the team is highly involved.

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