Top 10 Signs You Need the Xactly Advantage

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Dreamforce 2017 is here. Last year over 171,000 people traveled from over 80 countries to attend Dreamforce 2016 – billed as “the largest software conference on the planet.” At this year's Dreamforce, you can expect it to be even bigger and better with over 2,700 sessions, and dozens of A-list speakers, including former First Lady Michelle Obama, celebrities Ashton Kutcher and, and Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, and many, many more. With so much going on, and so much to see, how do you determine which vendors to visit? We’re here to help make that decision process easier for you by sharing why you should meet with Xactly at Dreamforce!

Below are the top 10 signs that you need the Xactly Advantage:

10. Your reps are studying accounting to ensure commission payments are correct.

Xactly Advantage: Get 99% error free calculations and eliminate shadow accounting.

9. Your comp admin is still processing January bookings in June.

Xactly Advantage: Lower time spent managing comp programs from weeks to days. 

8. You’re using a thumb drive to upload commission payments into your ERP.

Xactly Advantage: Seamlessly integrate commission data with existing systems.

7. Your CFO had to do a podcast to explain why quarterly expenses were off.

Xactly Advantage: Give finance timely, accurate access to commission expenses.

6. Every five days, someone asks, “Are the calculations done yet?”

Xactly Advantage: Run complex commission calculations in just hours.

5. Your Sales VP is in therapy due to so many top reps leaving.

Xactly Advantage: Make sure you’re paying top reps competitively to keep them on board.

4. You just spent $15 million and your CEO wants to know what he got from it.

Xactly Advantage: Gain understanding into the ROI of your compensation spending.

3. Sales and marketing have a closer relationship than sales and finance.

Xactly Advantage: Increase sales and finance alignment with visibility into comp data.

2. Your sales reps are paying FedEx to track their commission payouts.

Xactly Advantage: Give reps visibility into commission payouts from any mobile device.

1. The time you spent reading this post is longer than your reps spend selling.

Xactly Advantage: Motivate rep performance with visibility into variable pay. If you’re attending Dreamforce 2017, don’t miss Xactly at Booth #1614. Come by to get a demonstration of our industry-leading sales performance management (SPM) solutions. If you’d like to schedule a demo or learn more, contact Xactly.