Top 5 Reasons Xactly Is A Top Place To Work

Xactly is honored to make the Bay Area News Group's Top Work Places listing. Here is some reasons why we think we earned our spot as one of Silicon Valley's best companies!

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Xactly is proud of our great team. And, our great team has a lot to be proud of, too. Every day Xactly team members revolutionize the way to motivate sales. It’s a business transformation. We can change the business world because we are in this together. We all help make Xactly a special place to work. So special, in fact, that the Bay Area News Group recognized Xactly as one of the top places to work in Silicon Valley. So what makes it so great to be a Xactlian? Here’s a top 5 list:

1. Team 

At Xactly, we know we can count on our teammates to get things done and to support our own efforts. That’s because we all pull for one another.

We are on a common mission to help businesses sell more. When everyone believes in the mission and knows his or her role in success, everyone is part of the team. It’s great to work somewhere where everyone roots for one another. When one wins, we all do!

2. Innovation

Xactly was born in the cloud seven years ago – before the cloud was a buzzy business phrase. That’s right, even our founding was innovation.

Working for cutting-edge company means we embrace the best ways of doing business, even if they are new. We deliver to our customers and to fellow employees best-of-breed technologies every day.  We are constantly looking for new tools and new ways to use old tools to make incentives, and business, better. It’s fun to lead the curve.

3. Culture

Because we believe in what we do, we demand excellence in all of our efforts. Everything we do is about earning customer success, and excellence is how we get there. Luckily, our culture makes the best an expectation and builds the team to make it happen. We demand, and we succeed.

4. Respect

At Xactly, we understand that we all come from different backgrounds and bring something different to the table. We also believe that unique perspectives make the company and ourselves better. We are all needed to make this work. The respect we feel for one another extends to our business partners and our customers, who help make our mission happen. Every opinion is heard and every door is open.

5. Opportunity

Xactly is a growing company. The Wall Street Journal listed the company in 2011 as one of the top venture-backed businesses.It’s exciting to cover new ground and, as employees, we get the opportunity to make it happen. There’s room to grow at Xactly, whether it is through educational opportunities, launching new products or venturing into new territories. Xactly is a company that grows with its employees.

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