Treasured Insights – The Bounty of Big Data

Greg Pisacane
Greg Pisacane
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Gregory Pisacane is a Marketing Content Editor at Xactly Corporation. He attended the University of San Diego and received a Bachelor of Art degree in English.

Imagine, if you will, a legendary band of merry men, sailing upon the high seas. This prolific cadre of swashbucklers patrols the briny ocean blue from sea to shining sea, gathering new loot at each port. If this crew were to collect all their hard work and resplendent results into one shimmering horde, that treasure would hold a value beyond that of the individual pieces of eight. A treasure trove of that size would inspire great sailors for centuries, pushing them out into the inky surf to follow the example of this crew, to learn from their lessons and chase similar fortune. The only way to properly secure such a storied collection would be to secure it, understand it, make maps for you to remember it by – maybe you mark it with an X.

Now, empirical Insights data may not hold the same visual appeal as, say, a mountain of golden doubloons, but I would argue that aggregate data is the next big treasure trove, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more companies working to establish their own hordes. Which is amazing news, because unlike treasure, there is no finite data pool to draw from. Our planet only has so much gold, physically. There is an upper limit, and one day we might reach that. That’s going to make actual treasure a poor resource, as it is capped in usefulness. Data is created so long as people keep living and behaving and evolving in their natural manner. You can’t run out of data, you can only squander it, and waste it by letting it slip away unobserved. By collecting and analyzing the data that you and other companies create, you can make something more valuable than the largest treasure chest of the most illustrious pirate. You can have a warren of empirical information to set yourself against. You can carve a new, successful path out of the benchmarks set before you.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 7.41.19 AM

These are some of our treasured Insights, that we put together to demonstrate just a single coin in the Scrooge McDuck-like vault of data we have collected. It’s just a taste, to show that when we want to pull data together on an individual target, it’s as easy as querying our system. If you want to immerse yourself in the wealth of knowledge and experience our decade-long dataset encompasses, make sure you follow the directions I left for you on this weathered parchment map, and look for the X marking the spot in the mountain shaped like a skull. Or, you know, you could just visit our Insights page.


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Treasured Insights – The Bounty of Big Data