Uber uses Incentives and Visibility to Motivate its Drivers

3 min read

We’ve all heard of Uber - in just five short years, the international company has made a name for itself by completely disrupting the established taxi industry and changing the way that the average person thinks about convenient transportation. This week, the organization rolled-out new app features on the driver’s end. These updates motivate and  provide further incentives for Uber drivers to pick up customers, and provide the Uber drivers with real-time visibility. This new change is a win-win, for both the driver and the person waiting for that ride after a night on the town. According to engaget, “The software provides a real-time status feed with notes, tips and (most importantly) extra chances at making money. It also has an always-available activity map that shows drivers where they're most likely to get customers.” While I look forward to seeing the results Uber experiences from the change, Xactly’s customers have already experienced the benefit of giving sales reps real time visibility into both potential customers and their quota attainment. With Xactly Incent you can bring the power of incentives to every sales reps’ mobile device. This means that you can drive performance from anywhere, at any time. Hyatt, one of our happy customers, has enjoyed the real-time view of progress each month, and its reps have benefited from easy access to the system via the mobile app on their tablets, phones, or laptops. They’re now able to access accurate data on quota attainment, and potential new wins are always at their fingertips. Like Xactly, Uber has once again demonstrated both its customer focus and its desire to continue improving usability from both the front and back-end. If this new update is able to deliver on their projections, you're likely looking at a shorter wait time for your next black car. If you're an Xactly user, real-time visibility currently gives you access to potential deals and shows you exactly how much your bonus could be if you close certain deals. Happy apping! Sources: