Unleashing the Power of Your Multi-Generational Workforce

May 14, 2019
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At Xactly Unleashed, we’ll help companies unleash the power of their sales teams by teaming up with the #1 generations speaker and researcher, Jason Dorsey.

Today’s multi-generational workforce can make identifying and designing the right sales incentives more difficult. So how do companies better understand their workforce, account for generational differences, and ultimately drive revenue?

Businesses must use data insights to plan, analyze, and make decisions collaboratively across sales and finance teams. When they do this correctly, organizations drive the best performance and unleash the potential of their workforce.

This year, at Xactly Unleashed—the ultimate Sales Performance Management (SPM) summit—we’ll help companies unleash the power of their sales teams. In fact, we’re teaming up with the #1 Gen Z, Millennial, and generations speaker and researcher, Jason Dorsey to help bring you more insight and better manage your multi-generational team.

Jason Dorsey at Xactly Unleashed

Deemed a “research guru” by Adweek, Jason Dorsey is a best-selling author and generational expert (you can view is popular Tedx Talk here). Alongside Dr. Denise Villa, Dorsey co-founded The Center for Generational Kinetics to explore “behaviors to understand the ‘why’ behind each generation’s worldview, motivation, communication, and much more.”

Using his original data-driven generation research, Dorsey helps companies of all sizes reposition their brand and win over each generation—a challenge that today’s sales organizations must address to stay competitive.

At Xactly Unleashed, Dorsey will share key insights on how businesses can reinvent themselves and use incentive compensation to engage all of their employees (regardless of age, gender, etc.) to unleash their full potential and rapidly drive growth.

If you’re a sales, finance, or compensation expert and haven’t registered for Xactly Unleashed yet, you’re in luck! There’s still time to register. Learn more about all of our expert speakers, breakout sessions, and review the full agenda to learn more.

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