Watch out Millennials, the AppsKids are Coming

Tom Castley
Tom Castley
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Tom Castley joined Xactly EMEA in July 2014 to lead the growth of the company in the region. He has over 15 years of sales and CRM experience across leading cloud organizations and is highly renowned in the industry as a true customer experience champion. Tom spent 7 years at Oracle to support the expansion of its Cloud CRM business, and managed a struggling sales team, which he successfully turned around in a year. Prior to Oracle, Tom worked in RightNow Technologies, where he was responsible for UK sales across a variety of industries.

Twenty years ago, Millennials, the generation who reached adulthood around the turn of the twenty-first century, were the first students to learn on the desktop computers their parents were barely using at the time. Computing for today’s generation of kids is literally child’s play. Coding, apps, and advance technology is the younger generation’s new challenge via smartphones and tablets.

This is in part thanks to foundations and businesses like CoderDojo who teach over 35,000 kids coding in 57 different countries and ‘Apps for Good’ which trains young people to create new technologies that can make a difference in their world. This is not only smart, but has the potential to be lucrative. ‘If only I was 21 again I’d go into tech and make myself a billionaire’ says Luke Johnson, multimillionaire, Chairman of Risk Capital and investor of travel company Nielson, food chains Gail’s cafe, Giraffe, and Patisserie Valerie, amongst others.

Last month, the local Xactly team partnered up with the UK based organization ‘Apps for Good’ to coach two of the final teams in their Annual App Award. The goal of Apps for Good is to transform the way technology is taught to future generations in school. They believe education systems should be growing with these new technologies and encouraging students across different backgrounds and grade levels to learn about the IT industry so that they are aware of the careers available to them.

The UK educational system is struggling to keep up with the great minds of the next generation, which is where Apps for Good comes into play. The organization offers them a chance to become ‘mini entrepreneurs’ by bringing experts from all over the country to their schools, creating new technology projects from scratch, and letting them be part of a prestigious award ceremony where the best Apps win recognition and the opportunity to go to market.

As this new generation enters the workforce they will bring both opportunity and challenge to business owners. In a report on ‘How the four generations work’ the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) suggests there could be some conflict between generations due to a variety of factors including different levels of performance, short and long-term rewards, and compensation expectations. These challenges aren’t going away, as we have a future workforce full of technology gurus coming our way.

Treating employees as individuals is important when it comes to a successful workforce. Millennials are asking for more feedback than the older generations and some employees prefer benefits to bonuses. It’s most important to remember that every individual is different and so it will be with the next generation. With this in mind, the key to a successful team is to be clear on goals, motivation programs and reward on objectives – and make sure it can all be tracked in an App!


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Watch out Millennials, the AppsKids are Coming