Managing a Growing Sales Team's Compensation

3 min read

Does this surprise you? Many small-sized businesses don’t take full advantage of what new or automated technologies can offer. According to a Salesforce 2016 Connected Small Business Report, fewer than 50 percent of business owners use any business process automation. You read that right – less than 50 percent. If they’re letting opportunities to automate slip through their fingers, we can only assume what level of priority their incentive compensation strategy is. The truth is, incentive compensation is one of the best ways for companies to motivate sales performance and accelerate growth. When small businesses focus on transforming their incentive compensation processes – speeding them up, shielding them from human error – in return, they gain a huge competitive advantage. Xactly SimplyComp™ expert Franco Anzini and Erik Charles will sit down for a virtual fireside chat on August 15th to discuss why emerging companies with smaller scale sales teams should consider how incentive compensation plays a role in their success as they grow. The webinar will address these areas specifically:

  • Why incentive compensation is your secret weapon as an emerging company.
  • Our 5 best practices that all incentive compensation plans must
  • The in’s and out’s of Xactly SimplyComp, the first DIY sales comp software for companies with 25 reps or less.

You know that incentives are key motivators that drive sales forces to meet their goals. Xactly SimplyComp makes it possible for everyone to benefit from a modernized incentive compensation plan. Join us on August 15th to learn how to take your workplace to the power of Xactly!