Weekly Round-Up

Did you make it to Sales 2.0? If so, we hope you caught Christopher Cabrera’s speech on the science of motivating sales reps. But, just in case you missed it, we’ve got a recap for you, right here. You’re welcome!

We are thrilled that our friends at Zuora were recognized by AlwaysOn. (We made the list, too!)

Looking to find out why you have compensation problems? Check out this webinar with Compensation Analytics. Their Managing Partner Mark Coleman lays out the signs that your back office systems are broken and offers tips to fix common problems. (Need more webinars? Whew, we got ‘em. Check out upcoming events with Marketo, Aaron Ross, ZS Associates, Channelinsights and Salesforce.com here!)

Did you hear the news? GlobalEnglish, a company that helps others speak the language of business, is a Xactly customer. We are very excited to have them onboard.

Want to hang out? Look for us April 17 and 18 in London at Big Ideas, the Big Machines show. What? Not going to be in the UK this spring? Well, we hear it is lovely. But so is Texas! We’ll also be at AA-ISP Leadership Summit in Dallas on April 17 and 18. Man, we are everywhere! Get a full list here.

And the final thought this week: Over at Forbes, contributor Bruce Chesebrough’s best practices column hit an interesting note when he asked Are Your Sales People Lazy Or Have You Not Motivated Them Properly? Bold.

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Weekly Round-Up