What is #XactlyLovesMe?

Customer Focus is Xactly’s first core value, but how do we put this into action and show our customers how much we care about them? That was the question, and #XactlyLovesMe was the answer! 

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If you’ve been part of the Xactly family for a while now, then you’re likely familiar with the hashtag #XactlyLovesMe. It started nearly five years ago when a group of Marketers sat in a room together and thought about what they really wanted to communicate to our customers, employees, prospects, and friends.

After some brainstorming, someone suggested, “Xactly loves me.” At first, we weren’t sure what to think. We’d never heard of a company telling its customers that it loved them. Some of us questioned, “can we really say that?” But the more that we repeated it, the more that we realized it was completely in alignment with our first core value, Customer Focus, and everything that we believe in as an organization. We do love our customers and we want them to know that. 

But what does it actually mean?

The slogan has now moved far beyond a hashtag or a clever saying to put on a t-shirt. It has embedded itself in the culture of our entire organization and is part of everything we do. After all, who doesn’t want to feel the love? Over the years, the meaning of XactlyLovesMe has grown and expanded. Here’s what Xactly’s CEO Chris Cabrera had to say about the role that customer love plays in our organization: 

“Customers are at the heart of everything Xactly does and stands for. For us, that means engaging our customers in true partnership based on shared knowledge, accountability, respect and the continuous drive to create excellence together.”

Today, XactlyLovesMe represents the greater idea that taking care of our customers, having their back, and focusing on providing a positive experience through every interaction with us, is always at the forefront of everything that we do. 

Where can you experience ‘the love’? 

XactlyLovesMe is a motto we live by and something we bring to life through our actions, our jobs, and especially our customer events. This year at Dreamforce, we’re sharing the love once again by inviting every member of the Xactly family to relax, recharge, and network with peers at this year’s XactlyLovesMe Lounge (XLM Lounge). 

By saving your spot for this exclusive event, you are signing up for an escape from the conference’s fast-paced environment. Relax, recharge, and of course let loose! Every day between 7am to 7pm you’ll be taken care of with refreshments, work stations, swag giveaways, networking opportunities, and cocktail hours! Does that sound like something you’d be interested in? GOOD! 

See the full agenda and save your spot at the #XLM lounge by registering here.  

Don’t just take it from us! 

Since the inception of the XactlyLovesMe hashtag five years ago, our customers and partners have shown us that whether they are at a user event, hanging with us at Dreamforce, or attending a Xactly party, they feel the Xactly love as well:

"When Xactly keeps on making pleasant surprises and especially just in time for the weekend! #justintime #xactly #makingworkfun #surprises #kudos"

- Jolanta Nauronyte, OutSystems

"I was a fan before, but I'm a devotee now! Thanks for the swag @Xactly @joshweckesser #xactlylovesme" 

- Evan Johnson, Salesforce

"Thanks for lunch and a great out of the way place to watch the @Dreamforce Keynote. @Xactly #xactlydf16 #xactlylovesme" 

- James Mayfield

"#xactlylovesme, and we love Xactly, @IlluminateVC #DF15" 

-Benjamin Bayat

"OMG that is amazing! Don't think I ever won anything before! Thanks @Xactly #DF15 #xactlylovesme"

- John Dean

"Thank you to @Xactly for hosting such a great Customer Appreciation Party last night! #CC17 #xactlylovesme"

- Canidium

Save Your Spot! 

#XactlyLovesMe are words we live by, and it’s our way of giving back to our community by continuously searching for new ways to show our clients how much we love helping their businesses grow and thrive.

By hitting ‘RSVP’ to the XactlyLovesMe Lounge, you secure your spot in a place dedicated to providing you with everything you need to survive the infamously busy event. Let Xactly take your Dreamforce experience to the next level.

See you there!