Xactly Celebrates Fourth Annual C.A.R.E. Week: September 13-17

Jul 19, 2021
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When Xactly was founded by Chris Cabrera 16 years ago, he ensured that each of the core values selected were meaningful and contributed to building a vibrant culture in the company. Today, you could ask any employee what our core values are, and, without hesitation, they could tell you: Customer Focus, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence. Chris’ confidence in employees’ knowledge of our values emphasizes just how essential the concept of “C.A.R.E.” is to us.

Our company’s core values are not just a set of words chosen at random. Each of those values is important to the way we do business, and that’s reinforced in every all-hands meeting. That's why Xactly's C.A.R.E. Week, an international, company-wide philanthropic initiative that culminates in the Global Day of Giving, is so important to us. 

For the fourth year running, we’ve been able to take our values outside the walls of our offices all over the world and put them into action. Of course, like everything else in 2021, this year’s C.A.R.E. Week is different, offering even more creativity than ever - accommodating both virtual and in-office events. Despite the challenges the pandemic raised, we are incredibly proud of the event the team has planned.

Some of the Ways We’re Putting our C.A.R.E. Values into Action:

1. Fundraising 

This year, the XactlyOne Foundation will collect donations for several organizations that are making strides to improve the quality of life for others at a community, local, state, national, or even global level. 

2. Virtual and Community Volunteering 

The week will culminate in a Global Day of Giving on Friday, September 17, when employees are encouraged to partake in virtual or in-person volunteer projects where it is safe to do so. For the second time, all U.S.-based employees will also have the option to purchase a KyndKit: a volunteer project that ships to their home, providing supplies they can use to perform an act of kindness and improve mental wellness for individuals in need.

3. Internal Affinity Groups

Xactly includes and welcomes people of different genders, ethnicities, faiths, sexual orientations, and other diverse backgrounds. There are huge benefits in meeting and inviting people from diverse backgrounds to join our company! One of the many things Xactly offers are affinity, or employee resource, groups to elevate our existing vibrant culture. Affinity groups are voluntary, employee-led initiatives that foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with our organization’s mission, values, goals, business practices, and objectives. During C.A.R.E. Week, representatives from each of our affinity teams will share both the goals of each group and how employees can get involved.

4. Innovation Workshop

This workshop is a day focused on excellence. A group of Xactlians will be coming together for the fourth year running to identify new and innovative ideas to promote engagement, creativity, and innovation. Previous Innovation Workshops have resulted in new employee engagement activities, as well as diversity and inclusion initiatives and groups.

The need to come together as a company—and as a world—to care for our communities is greater than ever, despite the unique challenges impacting the way we bring this vision to life. We are incredibly proud of our commitment to service and philanthropy, and we are dedicated to continuing to find new opportunities to put our core values into practice not only during C.A.R.E. Week but every week.

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