Xactly Mentioned in Marc Benioff's Dreamforce Keynote

4 min read

Dreamforce 2015 is well underway, and the excitement in the air was palpable as a crowd of over a hundred  thousand gathered for the keynote. If you were stuck at work and weren't able to make it to this event, don't worry, I'll fill you in on everything! While the entire four days of Dreamforce is always packed with new people to meet, valuable content to explore, and incredible speakers to listen to, the audience always anxiously awaits Marc Benioff's keynote speech. Benioff's leadership has always served to set the tone for the rest of the event, and it's always been an insightful window into both the future of SaaS, and what is top of mind for industry leaders in the year to come. This year was no different, and the audience was spellbound as he discussed Salesforce's new UI, Lightning, and the impactful nature of this change for the Salesforce1 user. This year's keynote covered many ideas and much ground, but the big announcement that everyone was waiting for was the official unveiling of Salesforce's new user interface, Salesforce Lightning. While the release was teased prior to the event, exciting new details were brought to life today that had the audience pumped for the future of the services provided by the prestigious company. With Lightning, you can connect your CRM to your email and your calendar to automatically tell you what your deals are and where you need to focus; easily connecting you to new contacts. The new look and feel of Salesforce will initially serve to improve the user interface of Sales Reps who rely on the traditional CRM functions within Salesforce like leads, opportunities, and accounts. But Sales Reps were not the only ones featured; in addition, Salesforce also introduced a set of new tools for developers and advanced admins. Xactly was honored to be mentioned during the keynote, and we eagerly anticipate continuing our decade long relationship with Salesforce. While Xactly's products have always seamlessly integrated with the platform, Lightning will allow users to even more efficiently and easily monitor their sales performance and compensation management. These tools will allow companies to build components that interact seamlessly with the new Salesforce Lightning Experience. Below are a few screenshots of how Xactly seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Lightning: IMG_2436   IMG_2443(1) As a top partner of Salesforce, we are currently certifying our products on Lightning and are building out components on the new platform. For Salesforce, this is a massive step forward in terms of usability, and a much needed modernization to their development platform.