Xactly Peer Reviews: Read All About It

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Remember in grade school when your teacher would ask you to pass your assignment to the person next to you? You would receive the person’s paper from the left, and send yours to the right. Everyone would grade another person’s assignment. This exercise always freaked me out – probably because I held the opinions of my peers so highly. I trusted their thoughts and wanted to do them proud. This brings me to my blog topic: peer reviews. In our daily lives, we rely on reviews to make smart decisions. Who’s the most reliable mechanic in your neighborhood? Which of the latest movies should I see? In our personal lives, we use peer reviews to steer us in the right direction, help us avoid major pitfalls and risks. Why should our professional lives be any different? At Xactly, we pride ourselves on our customer relationships. Our core values, as a business (i.e. CARE) start with customer success. “We are committed to delivering products and services that make our customers thrive.” Since our fiscal year ended for us Xactlians, we’ve all been busy reviewing how 2016 went. In addition to looking at personal objectives, team intentions, and overall company goals, we spend a lot of time analyzing our customer relationships.

The Reviews are In

We are constantly asking our customers to leave us reviews about our products and services. After all, customers are ultimately the real users, and if they’re frustrated or unhappy with anything, then we want to fix it. We like to direct users to leave honest feedback on sites such as G2Crowd and AppExchange. We combed through some recent reviews, and while we can’t share all the information, the results are loud and clear! Here’s a sampling of what our customers wrote on both G2 Crowd and AppExchange: “I have been an admin, using this tool for over a year now and I absolutely love it. It's a completely different world moving from Excel to a killer software like this. Highly recommended!”

  • Mitchell Waltz, November 17th, 2016

“The support team for Xactly is amazing! Xactly is fairly simple to train new employees to use, highly customizable, and great for account management.”

  • Anonymous, January 24th, 2017

“Xactly is a great platform. There are endless possibilities with its functionality and they are always communicating with customers and looking for ways to improve. Their support team is very responsive and pleasant to work with when troubleshooting problems. It beats using Excel any day.”

  • Rob Walters, January 25th, 2017

Friends of Xactly

If the formal reviews didn’t already give us warm fuzzies, a few of our true-blue customers went above and beyond to send us the below feedback about Xactly. Our question: How has Xactly improved your work life?

  • “I get less emails from reps, and I have ease because of the automation,”

Katherine Huynh, Pure Storage

  • “It’s faster and more comprehensive than any spreadsheet,”

Dawn Walter, Blackboard

  • “Drastically reduced the complexity of our monthly processing,”

Phil Rubino, TIBCO Software

  • “Xactly enhanced my skillset and resume!”

Sarah Schmitt, Panduit

  • “Given me back hours to my days, weeks, months…quarters!”

Melissa Warner, CoreOS, Inc. Like our core values state, “We are committed to delivering products and services that make our customers thrive.” Our customers’ success directly reflects our success, so it’s imperative that we keep their goals and intentions a priority in our work.