Xactly Silver Linings Series: Part I

Apr 13, 2020
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For years, Xactly’s Chief Customer Officer Bernie Kassar has carried on a tradition of sharing his “BK life hacks.” Here are his tips for adjusting to life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For years, Xactly’s Chief Customer Officer Bernie Kassar has carried on a tradition of ending his annual Sales Kick-Off (SKO) presentations with what he describes as a “BK life hack.” 

These “hacks” form the principles that have guided Bernie successfully throughout his career, highlighting important ideas and strategies that can often get lost or forgotten in the daily grind. From simple mantras such as “control what you can control” to in-depth metaphors that illustrate the benefits of visualization, Bernie has built up a trove of wisdom to share with fellow Xactilians.

In light of everything going on in the world right now, BK’s life hacks have brought on a new meaning. Today, as people collectively adjust to this “new normal,” his reflections on family and reinvesting newfound free time not only provide guidance for navigating the present moment, but also offer a glimmer of positivity in the midst of difficult circumstances — something that everyone could use right now.  

To continue spreading the Xactly love, Bernie and the rest of the executive team are kicking off an ongoing series of life hacks and silver linings, sharing advice and perspective on what they’re grateful for and what’s bringing them a little light in these unprecedented times.

Stay tuned, more Xactly silver linings are on the way!

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Bernie Kassar
Bernard Kassar
Chief Customer Officer

Bernie Kassar is a vibrant and seasoned leader with a background in driving global customer-centric experiences, including customer loyalty, service, and relationships.