Xactly the Summer Internship I Wanted

5 min read

Today’s guest post was written by Justin Rajah, this summer’s Marketing Intern. To think my summer internship has come to an end is incredibly hard to believe! The people I met, the lessons learned, and the experience is one that will stay with me. Interns are Valued Throughout the summer, the internship program hosted Lunch n’ Learns where executives from across the company spoke about their career paths, shared tips and tricks, and gave us advice about beginning our careers. This isn’t a company where interns go on coffee runs; this is a company where interns are invested in and treated as future employees. Throughout the summer, the other interns and I exchanged work stories, discuss shared experiences, and grew together. We didn’t just share a bond with each other, we also shared the feeling and experience of being appreciated by Xactly. Experiencing Various Roles is Important Prior to beginning my internship, I was told that my summer at Xactly would be an opportunity to find out what I like and what I dislike in the corporate world. Being assigned different projects across Marketing allowed me to get an understanding of the department as a whole. Specifically, I worked on tasks within Marketo - organizing landing pages and setting up form pages for prospects. Within this project, I saw that what I did directly helped the team. One of the emails I helped send received 354 views and 88 RSVPs. That’s a 25% conversion rate, which brought customers and prospects to an event to learn more about Xactly. For me, that was a satisfying moment that showed me my work was paying off. Another section of Marketing I worked in was Customer Marketing. I had the opportunity to speak with customers firsthand to learn where they were from, what they do, and how their experience has been using Xactly’s solution. Customers would share with me how Xactly has changed their job for the better. Through these interactions and events, I learned how important it is to the company to maintain customer delight and build relationships with clients. Xactly really does love their customers! Be a Friend to Everyone Interns are known for bringing energy and light heartedness to the office- with that idea in mind, I aimed to always be friendly and positive in all my interactions with colleagues. I wasn’t afraid to be the one to smile and say “hi!” or ask someone how his or her day was going. While some mornings it might have been easier to walk in and go straight to my desk, I wanted to challenge myself and be “that guy” who always greeted the team. Over time these simple gestures made a positive impact and I got to know people I might not have if I had been less vocal. While this post is only a glimpse of the amazing experiences that I had this summer, I am truly thankful for the time I have had here at Xactly. I know this is only the beginning of my career and I am very excited to see where it goes. Thank you Xactly for giving me the start I needed.