How Xactly Uses System Intelligence to Deliver Greater Business Value

Nov 12, 2017
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Companies need accurate data to succeed. Discover how Xactly helps you use your sales data for more effective planning and sales performance management (SPM).

Manage Critical Data Flows in Xactly Connect

In a recent post, I looked at several top IT operational priorities – and how Xactly Connect™ helps organizations achieve them. With an open, standards-based approach, Xactly Connect makes it easier for customers to ensure their data’s transparency, reliability, and security.

However, there’s another system requirement that’s increasingly becoming just as vital and a key competitive differentiator – intelligence. In this post, I’d like to share how Xactly’s SPM solutions deliver intelligence to your incentive compensation programs and what that means to performance.

An Optimized Data Model

The Xactly platform has been built on a structured and organized data model optimized for managing incentive compensation in the cloud. In essence, this means that we’ve taken knowledge acquired from over 12 years of experience in cloud-based compensation software and used it to create a highly specialized data model.

With pre-defined functions specific to sales compensation, Xactly’s data model makes it faster to get up and running and increases system ROI with built-in intelligence to run processes.

Built-in Intelligence Increases Efficiencies

Dozens and dozens of “convenience” functions based on our compensation expertise simplify and streamline administrative processes for customers, including:

  • Incentive statements that show performance against quota
  • Integrated workflows, including dispute management
  • Standardized methods to ease comp plan administration
  • Automatic mobile access setup
  • 100+ out-of-the-box reports for sales managers, executives, and administrators

With a consistent data structure, Xactly’s data model also simplifies year-over-year reporting and makes it easier to merge different elements, such as quota or payment tables. By building all of this functionality into our system, we offload work for customers and prevent potential errors.

Additionally, our data integration platform Xactly Connect has been purpose-built to work with this model. This makes it even easier for customers to benefit from our robust system intelligence, increasing productivity by eliminating the need to build in this functionality themselves.

The Value of Applied Business Logic

Xactly Connect provides customers with advanced data capabilities through the Xactly cloud. Customers can set up automated processes, such as data pipelines to easily capture compensation-related data from other systems. Customers might also need to regularly take data from the system for reporting or for use elsewhere in the enterprise.

Those are just a few of the processes that can be created and fully automated on our cloud. Xactly Connect also includes pre-built connectors to other enterprise systems, including, Workday, Microsoft Dynamics, and, adding more intelligence and making it easier to integrate data into Xactly Incent.

Data Insights Power Best Practices

Xactly’s optimized data model also powers the ability to apply vast compensation insights. Our system calculates more than 15 billion transactions each quarter. Xactly Insights™ captures and analyzes data derived from billions of compensation transactions.

No other solution provides this level of data-based intelligence for incentive compensation. With our unique empirical pay and performance data set, Xactly can help answer questions, such as:

  • Are you following best practices for incentive compensation?
  • How are you paying sales compared to your industry peers?
  • Are you compensating top reps at the level needed for retention?

Intelligence & the Ability to Adapt to Change

~Stephen Hawking We hear a lot about trends in system intelligence, ranging from AI and IoT to machine-based learning and big data analytics. While it’s easy to get caught up in the buzzwords, it’s important to take a step back and assess how these ‘intelligent’ systems bring you new business value.

With an optimized data model and pay and performance insights, Xactly helps customers achieve better business outcomes. By applying new intelligence, you can maximize growth opportunities and gain competitive advantage. If you’d like to learn how Xactly could improve your compensation programs, please contact us.

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Ron Rasmussen
Ron Rasmussen
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