Xactly's Steel Anniversary: Thoughts on (Almost) Eleven Years of Customer Love

4 min read

If you look at many of the most successful companies in the world, you’ll notice one thing they have in common. No, it’s not the number of Ivy League graduates that work there, the amount of R&D money they’ve spent, or the number of hours logged by their employees. While all of these components greatly contribute to a company’s overall success, the one factor that I believe sets apart a great company from a good one is a continual devotion to customer delight. Tesla has an impeccable track-record for swiftly and effectively giving customers what they need, Nordstrom’s excels in creating an impeccable shopping experience that has created an enviable reputation in the market, and Apple has built its reputation on building cutting-edge products its customers love – each new release comes with improvements driven by customer desire. For many reasons, it’s easier to engage customers when you’re a B2C company, but as a B2B company this only further inspires us to be one of the leading organizations that provides the same exceptional, engaging, and human experience you would get when you purchase a first-rate consumer product. When Christopher W. Cabrera founded Xactly almost eleven years ago, Customer Focus was the first core value he built into the foundation of how we do business. Every day, we strive to achieve total customer success, and we are committed to delivering solutions and services that make our customers thrive. We love the relationships we’ve built with our customers; the words of encouragement and positive feedback they give us are invaluable. Patti Bliss, Senior Vice President of Frost Bank let us know that, “As a relationship company, we like to do business with companies that are similar to us. That’s what Xactly is all about, too.” We believe that the number one indicator of our success is how happy our customers are with our service, support, and product.  Third party validation is also critical, and when Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report was released last month, we were honored to receive the highest customer satisfaction scores of the leading SPM vendors in terms of revenue. Clients “commended the quality of our customer support, customer advisory board, and commitment to deploying enhancements submitted by customers.” While you can rest assured that Xactly has your back throughout the year, February is a time to reflect on the people and things you love. I’m not a sappy person, so without getting too mushy, you should all know that none of this exists without you: Our customers, investors, readers, users, followers, and Friends of Xactly. We all come together to create an incredible company that we are proud to call our own. Thank you for being a part of our community, the best is yet to come.