You Know it's the End of the Quarter When...

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Many companies are nearing the end of their quarter, and we figured it's time for a little comic relief. This feared time of month has reps working overtime to close deals by the end of business, and while some of you may be on a different fiscal calendar, it’s likely that as a sales rep you’ll relate to many of the items on this list anyway. As always, our listicle articles are meant to be taken lightly. Make sure to tweet @Xactly to let us know what we left off of the list! Without further ado, you know it's the end of the quarter when...

1. You forget what being rested feels like:


2…and if you do manage to get a few hours of shut-eye, your dreams consist of ringing bells and signing contracts:

3. Your calendar looks like this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.52.50 PM

4. You know you’re making quota so you’re like:


5. You’re about to miss quota so your face looks more like this:


6. You have your prospects, and your shrink, on speed-dial:


7. When it’s 8:30 AM and you’re on your third meeting of the day:


8. Other people are ringing the sales bell more than you:


9. Imagining the shopping spree you’re going to go on when you get your commission check is the only thing keeping you going:


10. Your prospect says they want to push the deal until next quarter and you think you might lose it:


11. You start talking to friends, co-workers, and family like this:

12. You close a huge account and save your job:


13. You start using your coping mechanisms for survival:


14. You start hiding from your VP of Sales so he doesn’t ask about your deals:


15. This is what your face looks like when your prospect chooses your solution over a competitor’s:


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